John Toal

John Toal

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Husband & father of 5 (4 girls 1 boy), I am from Scotland UK & have been using Twitter & Facebook for almost two years, during this time I have created large customer base for Online Advertising & promoting company, setting-up, maintaining & selling Nail Wrap products within Scotland, and Part-time Tele-sales supporting a Small Business.

In August this year I decided to go it alone & create the profile for promoting Small Businesses, helping to give an extra boost for their brand, along the way I have networked with some fantastic people, including the lovely Samantha Kelly Sunzu Woman Ambassador, Jenny Johnstone of Wee Print/Stirling Printer who is also the main sponsor of TweetUrBizUK. I have also added two members to my Team @MrsTweeturbiz -  Brenda Bergin & @PromoUrBiz - Deb Crawley, whom I will encourage to join


Many thanks for reading hope to meet you on the Sunzu network very soon.

John - #Respect

"In it Together"



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Lyndon Wood

"John is a very keen dedicated person who thrives on challenges and is keen to develop himself with a true passion to assist business owners grow. A father and husband who simply wants to grow with everything he touches. I recommend you connect, chat and collaborate with him."


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