Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

If you're sick of sales trainers & sales training that doesn't work, then read my profile, Sandler Training


I'm a fitness instructor. Being the right weight for a man of 15' 6" and only a little over 1/3 that height I'm not your usual fitness instructor.

My clients usually invite me in because of these common reasons:

  • Not meeting decision makers
  • Meeting decision makers but not closing
  • Closing but discounting
  • Discounting and over-servicing
  • Working long hours but not keeping much money
  • Threatened family life because of long hours and cashflow problems
  • Recruting the wrong people
  • Trouble talking about money
  • Run ragged or drowning in busy work, time poor
  • Exit been delayed or expected cash-out cut

I'm obsessed with getting to the real cause(s) of my clients problems because fixing symptoms is malpractice. If you fix a symptom it comes back no matter how much sweat and cash you throw at it doesn't it? So there's nothing quite like finding the cause of problems that have troubled you for as long as you can remember, and the feeling of pressure lifting when you know you can fix these problems forever begins the process you will go through of learning to sell freely.

Assuming we ever get that far, I work with you throughout the years we will work together on your head, your gut, your internal scripts, your old habits and your beliefs. Why? Because they determine which behaviours you will turn into good habits.

I've spent the last 27 years failing in sales and in business in the same ways you probably are today because the list was what I used to have trouble with since I started selling or running my own businesses. So I have failed a lot ... and then I learned that deliberately practicing to improve meant I could help other people overcome and replace them to get the results that meet their full potential.

I'm obsessed with understanding why people buy, why we do things that are good and bad for us and how you can learn to positively influence your prospects, customers, team members, employees, spouses and children to make win-win choices and reach effective decisions quickly and thoroughly.

What we do is important work. We believe that to our core. Why? Because our clients tell us it's important to them. We help them put purpose right up there with profit. They work not for the money but because it is intrinsically interesting & satisfying. And because they have significant others to feed and clothe. And because they take pride in doing their best work and want to do more of it without having to keep the wolf from their door.

We understand that chasing cheques and prospecting for £££'s probably doesn't fill you with glee though they understand it needs to be done to feed their drives for success and significance.

So why "fitness instructor"?

Ever prepared badly for exercise and hurt yourself because you failed to warm up or use the right technique? I help companies and individual salespeople take their fat, flabby processes and bad habits and turn them into lean, efficient, predictable selling professionals who hit their numbers and sell, even in tough, crowded markets and depressed economies. We help our clients to:

  • Sell more
  • More often
  • To more customers
  • For more money
  • More predictably
  • Consistently

That's why you MUST NEVER do the following if you want to succeed in your selling:

  • Never sell using features and benefits
  • Never present
  • Never qualify
  • Never close
  • Never handle objections
  • Never justify or defend
  • Never give a unilateral presentation
  • Never unilaterally write a proposal
  • Never give unilateral concesssions
  • Never answer an unasked question
  • Never paint yourself into a box

And perhaps, if your curiosity is piqued, you'll recoil at the idea that you MUST:

  • Always be negative
  • Always make sure they're the smartest person in the room
  • Always get your customer to do all the work
  • Always have the customer close themselves
  • Always have your customer surrender the order
  • Always try and get the customer to say no to you
  • Always say no to your customers

Call To Action

If you are ready to ask someone who can help you for their support because you're struggling with selling, closing, getting full fees, keeping your pipeline full, or stuck with procurement, buyers lying to you or sales stalling, then why not pick up the phone and call me to discuss whether you can fix these problems forever. You can call me now on 07515 937221or perhaps you prefer find 10 minutes to speak out of hours if you're up against time.

Who knows if it will make sense to you to meet to talk further? My groundrules are that if either of us isn't OK to move forward, we can end the call there and part as friends. We will play with a straight bat, talk frankly and honestly. And we will never leave a meeting with a wishy washy next step that leaves either of us confused.

Or you may prefer to email me mcauchiATsandlerDOTcom.

PS.    3 Management Myths

  • Rewards drive wanted behaviour
  • Penalties prevent unwanted behaviours
  • Facts are effective at convincing people to change their behaviours and habits

These are all right ... and they're wrong. Knowing when, can save or earn you a fortune. So when do they really work and work over the long term in your world? If you are using extrinsic rewards like bonuses, commissions to encourage higher performance of creative or cognitive tasks you will probably reduce productivity and decrease results! If you use extrinsic rewards to drive up mundane, repetitive tasks you will probably increase production but then the rewards you put in place will probably become less effective over time and end up costing you a lot more! But be careful ... because extrinsic rewards can corrupt integrity and encourage unwanted behaviour and sharp practices too - Enron, MP expenses, 2008 Economic Crash. Hope that link made the point .....

If you fancy arguing about business, selling, why your business sounds like everyone else in your market, what the purpose of marketing is, management, business ethics, systems, referrals or what makes people tick and reach their full potential, please drop me a private message or an email and we can share ideas, joust or disagree completely. I love learning and I am thick (skinned) enough for my friends and clients to tell me the ugly truth without causing me offence. But I am most definitely not for everyone .....




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David Barzaga

"Always be selling as Guy Kawasaki says in his book Art of Start."

Laurence Lowne

"a hero of our time, when it comes to sales. An all round good guy too, and thorougly enjoy and appreciate his approach to life as well as business."

Susanne Palm

" I met Marcus on Ecademy in 2006. He was the first sales professional/coach, I met on Ecademy, who was brutally honest in a friendly way. No sales spam blabla, no " fake it until you make it"-attitude and no "I know everything, listen to and obey me." This gave an impression of credibility. Marcus has a long experience and shared many of his stories. As he has worked for so many years, there are so many different stories to learn from. At his lectures, that I atttended, Marcus spoke honestly and in a funny way, about his mistakes and failures.This to me shows that he is a man with confidence and knowledge, who knows that our mistakes are our most valuable lessons. Marcus was always very generous, both with his stories, advice and his time. After one of the lectures, some of us (6-8 people)sat in the corner sofa of the Swiss House pub and exchanged experiences and jokes for many hours. Marcus listened carefully, with serious interest, to everyone and made no difference regarding who was important, who did he know from before and who could be a potiential client. Last but not least, he never asked any favour back. This, in my eyes, shows that he is a Master. Just like the old Chinese Tai Chi or Calligraphy Masters, who share their wisdom as they know that THEY are the Masters/Mentors and it's their mission to help and advise. Marcus realistic and at the same time very positive business/sales advice helps me to deal with business matters still today. "

Evan Flockhart

"How did I come across Marcus? I saw him present at an Armed Forces networking event for no more than 10 minutes and my immediate thought was; I must talk to this guy. Marcus took time out of his day to meet me for over 3 hours where he generously shared his vast knowledge and gave me the best coaching session I had ever had. He is penetrating, no nonsense and gets to the heart of the issue. He made me really think about the direction I was going in, gain clarity and really believe in myself. Now this all might sound very pedestrian and tree hugging- it wasn't! At the end of the session I was stunned, wrung out, "punch drunk" but had a crystal clear view of what I needed to do. Marcus is very direct, he will drill down to those difficult questions you have been avoiding or have been lurking in the back of your mind for years; he will make the pain real so that you get off your backside and do something about it. When Marcus gives you food for thought - it's a 5 course meal not a light snack. So if you want to be stroked and mollycoddled, he is not for you. But then your progress is likely to be painfully slow! If you want real change, real success - talk to Marcus… "

Cat Barton

"I met Marcus about three months ago whilst we were both involved in a charity project. The project didn't work out but Marcus has spent a great deal of time with me, both over the phone and face to face, to identify why the project had been unsuccessful and what lessons I could take away to help me to make better informed decisions going forward. A key factor was to have a clear understanding from the outset of what I wanted to achieve (not what I thought the customer wanted) and improve my ability to ask the right questions to qualify this. It sounds simple but the process of working this out was hard work - Marcus doesn't pull punches and he has made me have to think harder, and deeper, than anyone I have ever worked with. I thought that I was good at communication, creating rapport and closing sales but the systems and frameworks that I have gained from working with Marcus have transformed my ability to qualify each opportunity effectively and have given me the confidence to present myself authentically in all my workplace situations, not just sales pitches. There were times where I had calls scheduled with Marcus when every ounce of my being was reluctant to pick up the phone as I dreaded the effort and energy that I knew would be expended in our conversations - but I have never regretted making those calls afterwards. Every conversation, no matter how painful or exhausting, has given me new insights, new tools and new approaches that have proved invaluable in helping me move forward in my career. I would recommend Marcus wholeheartedly to anyone who knows that on paper they should be successful but somehow isn't quite getting there; for anyone who feels frustrated by pitches that get the right noises from customers but don't close the deal; for people who are prepared to invest their time and ego, as well as their money, in working with Marcus - he is a very patient man but he doesn't need to work with timewasters or with people who expect solutions on a silver platter! If you really want to make a difference to how you sell - be it yourself, your products or your services - then the best decision you can make is to call Marcus and invest in yourself. It will be hard work and not cheap but well worth it in every respect."

Martin Dewhurst

"First and foremost, Marcus is a real Gent. He spent 2 hours today sharing insights, learned wisdom and a wealth of information. Marcus understands his industry with both depth and breadth and even though our call wasn't a scheduled appointment, he shared with me like it was a master class. What resonates deeply with me about Marcus' style, approach and direction is that he is driven by a desire to be of service. Top man, expert, nurturing, empowering. Thank you Marcus."

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"I spent a short while with Marcus on his return after a spell away from Ecademy. In less than an hour he gave me some incredible insights into the process of persuasion and salesmanship. He speaks with knowledge and infectious enthusiasm about the way we do business and get business. Marcus is a person of considerable personal presence, for whom I have great respect. He shares his knowledge generously and is incredibly adept at putting it across engagingly. He knows his stuff. Business leaders (CEOs, MDs and similar) would benefit enormously from a conversation with him. He may be known as a sales trainer, but he's much more than that. He's a business therapist, an extraordinary optimist, and the right man to set a business on a rising curve. I recommend him highly."

Claude Bonte

"Marcus Cauchi, is without a doubt one of the toughest and the best sales trainers in UK. If you're lucky enough to qualify for his time. Learn all you can from this man and it will change your life. I'm speaking from experience, some fell by the wayside and some grew stronger but one thing I can say is we all banked lots more money after Marcus Cauchi's training. I've probably know Marcus for around 7 years or so, He's a serious man and will only coach you if you've reached the point of no return where it's do or die. Like I say Learn all you can from him and your life will never be the same again Good luck ! "

Hedd "Events" Adams-Lewis

"Thank you for your help and advice recently - much appreciated. I have followed this through and don't regret it!"

Torsten Kinzelt

"I know Marcus for some years now, attended his trainings, had telephone calls, meetings with Marcus. He is certainly one of the most valuable members in this community. When your business is lacking sales, your sales team isn't making enough money - I bet Marcus will find out why, and change this for the better in record beating time. I highly recommand to connect with Marcus, as he is a top professional in his field, great networker and a very good friend. I am glad to be part of Marcus network! Torsten Kinzelt"

Gary Palmer

"Marcus has a very direct style and this saves everyone a lot of time, but should not be mistaken for rudeness. He just wants to get to the core of the issue and put it right. Fast. A really nice sense of humour (call his mobile and listen to the message on it for proof) and a genuinely win/win approach to business and life. A good egg!"

Fraser Hay

"OK, first of all, everyone needs a mentor, a coach, someone to hold them accountable, and I am no different. What I am about to tell you is abosolutely true and 100% verifiable. Case study 1, - We took a long look at my sales process, good though it is, it just got better. Having concluded a transaction with a client and they paid upfront, I then took them through a process I had rehearsed with marcus. 20 minutes later, their second transaction with me, was 850%+ more than the first, and they paid by creditcard. In less than hour after that, the prospect (now client), committed to another sale 100% more than the last one - all paid upfront, over the phone WITHOUT MEETING THEM. Case study 2, - One phone call, one prospect, 20 minutes later, they jumped into their car, drove a 400 mile round trip to meet me at home, and pay me upfront, in advance, for a solution I offer that they (and most other people need). How often does that happen to you? (Again, I hadn't met the person before I put Marcus' tactics into action.) 4 months later, the same thing happened, same person. This time, with even more coaching, and pre-rehearsing, the sums involved were much higher, and the committment was for over £20,000. Case Study 3 - January 2009, in a month with everyone talking about redundancies, winding up orders, empty sales pipelines, and people not prepared to spend money they don't have...I went to visit a prospect, (something I don't do very often as they usually come to me through a very simple, but effective marketing system that requires no cold calling). I had marcus' voice going thru my head reassuring me of his astoundingly powerful mantra. There was lots of self talk in that meeting, lots of recall from Marcus' powerful ass whipping sessions with me, and I left that appointment with a part-payment up front of £7,500. (Damn that felt good!) But it gets better, for with the telephone coaching he's been giving me, my revenues and subsequent deals for the month are some 1263% higher than forecasted. Beginning of the year, middle of winter, I needed my head on straight - and that's exactly what he helped me do. If you haven't used his new phone coaching, do it. do it. do it. It's probably the best starting point before committing to his advanced president's club offering. Marcus probably isn't for you. He's abrupt, he's very direct, he is very, and from a Scotsman, I mean this with all my heart - HE IS VERY EXPENSIVE, but worth every penny. He WILL tell you what your shortcomings are, but, and I must emphasise this - IF you really, really want to be successful in selling what you do, you must change your habits, more importantly, you must practice what Marcus preaches. I'm living proof that a sceptical, cynical, pragmatic Scotsman living in a very insular part of the highlands, took marcus at his word, put him to the test, and gave him a firm committment never to waste or abuse his time, and that decision is the best decision I have made in the last 10 years. But don't take my word for it - prove it yourself for free, ask him for a copy of his pain questionnaire and get your backside to one of his exec briefings asap. Call him, hound him, as he's very very busy, but for god's sake do it. Just do it. Call him today - He is a legend."

Stuart Oliver

"You probably won't like Marcus and I suggest that you don't make contact with him. The problem with Marcus is that he has an uncanny ability to ask awkward questions. You know, the ones that pop into your own head that you then quickly dismiss because "you don't want to go there". Imagine what it's like if someone else is asking you those. Imagine what it's like when you are sitting there with Marcus across the table waiting for an answer - that silence that goes on for "days" whilst you are thinking about where to dig your hole. Another reason that you really shouldn't meet Marcus is that he is a commercially focussed chap. The type of guy who likes to talk numbers, actual numbers, real numbers. Anyone who reads this is likely to be more than happy with their "numbers" and I'm sure you wouldn't want profit to be higher or costs lower. After all, you've been trying so long that you know it can't be done. Also, you've seen growth of "roughly 10%" which is "in line with your sort of business" and you wouldn't want to stand out. Leave the peeking over the parapet to someone else. Most of us don't need to know how to sell, after all it comes naturally doesn't it. This is Marcus' biggest problem. You see he's a Sales Trainer, a Sandler Sales Trainer. These guys really know their stuff, or so they say. Marcus' clients speak of massive, 6 figure increases in sales. Most people don't want this - think of the headaches of having to grow your business, the staff, the suppliers - urrgh - I'd stick with a nice, small, lifestyle business if I was you. So, I've tried to keep this nice, professional and objective. At the end of the day Marcus is a horrible guy who not only enjoys causing you pain but revels in it and practices doing it. He's a professional in it. As I said at the beginning, you probably shouldn't meet him. There are only a very small number of people who really want to improve their sales skills, who really want to increase sales, who really want to grow their business and who are "man enough" to face their own shortfalls and make adjustments. You're probably not "man enough", but that's ok."

Dr Ravi Jain

"Having posted a plea for help on one of the forums, Marcus PM'd me and then as promised, gave up 2 hours of his time to me helping me solve the problems. His wisdom, inspired me and I too was able to convert more clients while still maintaining my professional ethics and dignity. On top of that, he has already passed a couple of great leads to me since the call a couple of days ago."

Clare Gillbanks

"Marcus offered much food for thought at his London workshop which I attended last week. It was a productive and engaging morning learning how to generate more business from existing clients and approach potential clients in a new way... great venue, lots of provocative content delivered with Fraser Hay and a new way to look at how to generate a new sales pipeline profitably."

Lisa Barker

"Marcus has taken time out from his busy day to help and advise me on a question about sponsorship. His message was crammed full of relevant, highly useful advice for which I am very grateful. I hope to perhaps meet you one day Marcus, you are truly inspirational and incredibly generous with your knowledge and time, I appreciate every word you wrote. Thank you."

Kate Newman

"I have recently signed up for the Advanced networker programme with Marcus and even before I had signed up he was a Givers's Gain kind of guy. He will challenge and buffet you but you know it is for your own good. So many people had recommended Marcus to me before I eventually met him and the wait was worth it!"

Sean McCloskey

"Marcus just helped me compress my sales cycles and within just one week of asking for his help I made back a full year of Marcus's "exorbitant" fees from only one deal following 1 training session and 1 coaching session. No kidding. My head's on straight, my spine is straight and my feet are firmly planted. I realised after a lifetime of being programmed to feel unworthy and self-sabotage that I have the right to succeed! You do too in case you didn't realise it. Marcus teaches you how to win the sale before you pick up the phone or leave the office. I had a lifetime of false evidence and untrue beliefs that made me get in my own way. Imagine my grin when I closed a deal worth more in commission than I'd earned in the previous 4-5 months, banked it and it cleared. It was over 1000% higher commission rate than I'd been earning before working 10-20 times as hard. I feel authentic, I can be me without any pretences. I enjoy selling as it feels more like pay than work. I don't feel or put anyone under pressure. It's honest and effective, so you can look yourself in the mirror and like who you see. Now prospects and clients are my equal. They're not on a pedestal any more and while they still decide whether or not to buy from me, I control every stage of the selling-buying process. I get paid my full fees and we do business on my terms and when I save them as much as 70-85% of their tax liabilities ... legally so the're happy too. Do you want to engage strategically with your clients, get paid well and quickly and stand apart from your competition no matter how crowded your market? I'm generating breathtaking results. If you want to ask Marcus to help you. When I compare the investment in his fees and hard work against the return on my investment after only a couple of weeks I'm on track for making 25 times my money back ..... if I don't improve my performance! Given the support he delivers and all I'm learning from Marcus I suspect there's still room for improvement over the remaining 50 weeks of my first year working with him. Oh, and it looks like 2 of my fellow students on Marcus's Presidents Club programme could help me double or triple my production capability by finding and closing business for my firm. With our first child due before Christmas I see a bright profitable future ahead. "

Dexter Moscow

"Last Wednesday Fran and I spent an amazing day working with Marcus in one of his Bootcamps. We learned an amazing amount about DISC. It has got us thinking about why some prospect meetings have worked and others not. Clarifying the different up front contracts was really helpful and dear reader, if this process means nothing to you, you are missing out on opportunities to win more business. It was invaluable doing the characteristics for the different DISC profiles as well as the negatives. It made so much sense. All in all, bloody brilliant. Dex and Fran "

Aadil Butt #3

"Clearly there is a reason why Marcus has so many testimonials..........He is extraordinary man. He is a genuine giver and without a doubt is an expert at what he does. Already Marcus has put me in touch with someone who I am going to be working with on a win-win basis. I love his no nonsense attitude. I am looking forward to working with him as closely as possible. Very Best Wishes to you. Aadil "

Dexter Moscow

"What is the connection between an elastic band, a cheque book and a piece of garden hose? The answer is Marcus Cauchi. For nearly a year now I have been working with Marcus within his Presidents Club learning the sales processes of the Sandler Sales Institute. The Elastic band around my wrist reminds me of the pain of not following the processes taught. The cheque book represent the money I know have got in my account because I have followed the processes and the hose pipe represents the pipeline of clients I am now developing. If you are frustrated about your prospect dictating your sales process, If you are fed up discounting your fees to get the business or angry that you always over service your clients then like me you need Marcus. Marcus teaches the process, gives us the backbone to follow it and the ability to do deals on our terms. Ring him today and you will do more business tomorrow."

Dave Trevena

"Marcus is 'not ordinary'. I had met lots of lovely people at a recent networking event and yet, reflecting on it afterwards, it struck me that Marcus was the only person (who I met) who was quietly and consistently 'giving'. He has that gift of really listening. I believe this (rare) affliction can be triggered by a lack of ego (little need to bang one's own drum) coupled with a genuine concern for others. Like I said, 'Not Ordinary'"

Russell Dickens

"I recently attended a taster event done by Marcus. I received massive value from the event and had a number of aha moments which are already starting to quite literally transform my business. As if that weren't enough Marcus then spent 3 or 4 hours chatting to me one to one after the event poking holes in my logic, smashing my assumptions and annihilating my preconceived ideas. I now understand why he cracks a whip at one of his events... he is the doctor of pain!! It was not comfortable, but it was massively valuable! If you need to have your ego massaged, your self esteem stroked or have a delicate disposition avoid Marcus like the plague!! If you want insights and clarity and no holds barred you need to connect with this man!"

Greg Love

"I have had the opportunity to observe Marcus at close range on three occasions over the last week. After running a forensic tape measure over his values, attitude and process, I have to conclude this man demonstrates integrity in the convergence of his thoughts, words and actions. Yes integrity, which is a rare quality in todays world of relative and constantly shifting values. If insanity is doing the same thing again and again and hoping for a different outcome, its clear that many of us need to address why we are using sales techniques that so often don't work. Marcus has thought through our buying and selling behaviour so minutely and come up with a solution based on experience, logic and succesful results. He has the guts and character to teach us how to unpack, dismantle and discard unhelpful past habits and flawed thinking and replace it with an approach that is based on respecting the principles of honest communication; without the excuses and deception that often takes place in seller and buyer dialogues. His approach works because it concentrates on changing your behaviour and character and he is worth every penny you spend on retaining him. Your investment in him not only helps you, but will help others via his charitable giving. Do I recommend and commend him to you? Yes! Why? Because he will make you into the effective businessperson you once hoped you could be. If you want to meet the payments on your kids school fees or keep your business afloat during the recession, meet with Marcus and get your business life sorted out properly. The only thing you have to lose by not calling Marcus is the money you will forgo in your business from the sales you won't make. Greg Love Lovewine Corporate wine events and wine writing "

Simon George

"I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with Marcus, experiencing some of his training. I run a successful translation company with ambitious plans for growth in the next three years. I believe we can achieve our growth goals with Marcus's help. Already, after just one day with Marcus, I managed to secure a major piece of business at the price I know we were worth. Marcus gave me the belief and confidence not to reduce our price - something I almost certainly would have done before spending time with Marcus. If you are serious about growing the sales of your business, I would highly recommend that you have a chat with Marcus. Simon George Managing Director Thames Translations International "

Dr JOY Madden

" Incorporate Marcus' advice and tips, and your business, domestic and social lives will be improved beyond recognition (financial & otherwise) !"

Ian J Rogers

"I have just attended Marcus' introduction taster session, what a morning. Marcus is strictly not for the shrinking violet - he is awesome. Be prepared to have all your beliefs challenged simultaneously! What I learnt in a few short hours was unbelievable and truly inspirational. Marcus' approach is unique and yet totally doable. I would throughly recommend any entrepeneur / business owner having a session with Marcus to see what he can offer your business and turn your life around. "

Paul "POS" Manson

"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is most likely that I am a complete stranger to you but this referral is the best gift a stranger could ever give you. Sorry no Birthday presents or goodie bags here, no bouquet of flowers or free theatre tickets but what I am offering is something just as wonderful - and something that if you are smart enough will bring you far greater value. I would like to give you the best referral of your life. The problem is that you are probably not ready to accept my gift. Chances are that if you are in sales and making cold calls and hitting a wall of despair every time you make a call or you are continually turned away by that fearsome gate keeper then this probably isn't for you. It might be that you are not yet sick to the back teeth of being squeezed on your margins or it could be that you don't mind leaving a sales call with an order in hand only to get a call later in the day saying, 'sorry it's over, I've changed my mind' In January 2006 I was at my wits end, I was in sales running my own business employing a small workforce of 6 individuals and was ready to pack it all in. My customers were squeezing my margins, they were chopping and changing supply chain for the sake of a small saving causing us to downgrade our service and cut corners just to win back the work. Just when I was ready to throw the towel in and quit and make everybody redundant I spoke to Marcus. I knew straight away that I had found someone who would help me change things. I met him the next week and then every week thereafter, within a short time things began to change and I began to turn things around. Sales and margins grew, I sorted out issues that I had within the sales process and learnt that I was in charge of the process and that there were no bad prospects just bad sales people. It's now June 2008 and my business despite what is happening to printing companies around me, continues to move forward. We are selling 3 times as much print as we were back in 2006. Our clients are of a better calibre than they were, we get paid quicker and we can plan far better than ever before. We have been able to invest in new machinery that can cope with the 200% growth we have planned for the next two years; we have also been able to bring more of the process in house enabling us greater control in the business along with increased profitability. So back to my offer, if any of this rings true with you, if you are as fed up as I was, if your at your wits end then make contact with Marcus. When you speak to him you will recognise the value of what I have given you and do not hesitate for even a moment to go and see him, if you are lucky enough to get an invitation. When you meet him and he tells you the cost in £'s today of attending the training that he gives just remember me and believe that what I have told you is my story and that if you need it enough it will be the best investment in your future wealth, health and sanity that you could possibly make. If you want to talk to me personally about this rare and treasured gift and how it worked out for me then I would be delighted to talk to you. If you do meet up with Marcus please tell him I sent you because I need him to know how much what he did for me still means. Good Luck Paul Manson Managing Director Print & Display Ltd. "

Kate Newman

"I have now been to two seminars run by Marcus and I am hooked - hook, line and sinker! Marcus hits the nail on the head every time, helping you get to your pain to help yourself. I recommend him to you. Kate Newman KNA Strategic Consultancy"

Nikolai Sinenko

"Very interesting profile. Respect!"

Izabella Chaves

"Dear Marcus, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time, acumen and insights into what selling is about. Your (co-hosted with Fraser J Hay and Sarah Owen) workshop last Thursday held at The Arts Club in London was breathtakingly awesome. You, Fraser and Sarah make a formidable Trio. May you never stop. Warmest best,"

Chantal Cooke

"I've just attended a one day training with Marcus Cauchi and I learnt loads. As a complete novice I found it very useful and there was plenty of useful content and practical ideas to put into practice straight away. I will definitely be using some of the techniques I learnt and expect to be going back for more. Chantal"

PA Support Deborah Meredith

"Did I really pay to be bullied, cajoled, insulted and terrified??? Marcus tells you to "be afraid, be very afraid" when you sign up for one of his events but he doesn't actually tell you what that means! In real terms, it means, 'only bother turning up if you're truly serious about making a difference in your business' because you won't get a choice! You can't help but apply the training Marcus gives you and it gets results. I've signed up for the (long) roller coaster ride I know it's going to be but I can't help feeling it's the right thing to do! And it's already generating results in less than a week. A truly inspirational trainer and coach - a one stop shop for sales training."

Richard Gregory

"Marcus is a convincing advocate for a revolutionary shake up in the way we go about selling. His delivery is uncompromising and his approach is face-on, perceptive and incisive - and immensely entertaining. Anyone who sells anything to anyone will gain huge value from him."

Christine Miller

" I've now had the privilege of attending two training sessions with Marcus, and I have brought away real practical treasures from each one. Being encouraged to take a different perspective revealed some possibilities to me of the true 'AHA!' moment kind, such light bulb effects gave me the opportunity to take practical steps to control and handle situations in ways I hadn't considered before. That's worth a great deal to me, and I continue to benefit from the many ideas and healthy reality checks that were on offer. Marcus will enliven you and your sales (after all, pretty key to business success!) in ways you simply cannot imagine - connect and see him soon, he is definitely the real deal... "

Jean Flower

"I attended a training morning today with Marcus and Fraser ( thank you for the invitation :) ) . Well I had so much fun ! Marcus really knows how to present, break down barriers - although when he nearly had my handbag content out for analysis - the barrier of invasion was one could say rather hammered home ! Fantastic insights and chilling reality checks were on the menu............................. Who says they know it all !! ......S till loving the new sun tanned face- the flame of new oportunties and not doing what one always does - will stay with me . Highly recommended . Bit worried about that Whip though Marcus - you seemed to like it a lot :)"

Phil Dogberry

"I saw Marcus at a recent Referral Institute conference in Bristol - I'd already been recommended that I network with him and he certainly lived up to his reputation. His presentation was inspiring and underlined why he is in demand as a top sales trainer. I found myself starting to understand the total value of the work that I have let slip through my fingers and to reassess how I manage my relationships with potential and existing clients. In addition, he was truly generous with his time, advice and contacts. Wonderful man!"

Lilach Bullock

"I recently went on Marcus's training course which was brilliant. The course was fun and full of useful tips and advice and fabulously delivered. If you want more referrals this is the course for you. Highly recommended. Lilach"

Tessa Hood

"Well everyone said that Marcus was a brilliant trainer, but they didn't say how brilliant! I have attended three of Marcus' President's Club days over the past few weeks, and to say it has hit me like a sledgehammer is a ridiculous understatement. I think Marcus gets a kick out of knocking you flat on your back, jumping all over you and breaking you into little pieces, then gently picking up the pieces and sticking you back together bit by tiny bit, until you begin to live, breathe, remedy and generate your business in the way he prescribes. A total newcomer to his Sandler system I have slowly begun to put it into practice, and have already had some notable successes. I'm talking to two more banks, plus a further 3 of which Marcus calls 'suspects' - no, you can't call them clients until you have worked with them, delighted them and they have referred you to another client - and I have a much better understanding of how to say 'no' to people, when all I really want to be is a labrador puppy, turned over and tickled on my tummy.I think Rotweiler might be more the analogy now. I'm learning so much that I can't take it all in at the moment, but I am sure it is going to slowly slot into place as all my bones begin to mend! I dare you to meet him and see how much money you have left on the table!"

Iveta D.

"Hi, I just did a training with Marcus, and... I am impressed! This is one of the best courses I have ever had: content - tailored to audience, interaction, fun, ... all was there on offer. Very learning, thought-provocative, insights-giving, psychologically deep, challenging routine practice approach, innovative! I would recommend it to anyone in sales! Look forward to the next opportunity to keep building great and useful knowledge! Thank you, Marcus! Iveta"

Sally Church

"Well I met Marcus for the first time this week over a delightful lunch and was very pleasantly surprised. Here's this top sales trainer taking time out of his busy day because I happened to be in town from New York and he's keen to share his knowledge and contacts in order to help others. The iPhone whizzed before my eyes, contacts and suggestions flowed from simple questions about what I do. I was impressed - many people talk the talk, Marcus actually walks the walk. He's da Man, no doubt about it. Thank you, Marcus, I learnt a lot. "

Guy Massey


Iain Gray

"During the course of a 3 hour coaching session with Marcus, I made more progress with development of my new business than I had planned to during the next 12 months. That's an ENTIRE YEAR I'm further forward in my plans, as a result of one morning. Invaluable. Thank you! "

Lisa Turner

"I saw Marcus present at a Blackstar day and really enjoyed his talk. Marcus is passionate about helping people become more effective at selling themselves. He wants you to stop wasting your time and money. Honest, down to earth, not as hard as he makes out, but not to be messed with either. He's in my category of TOP blokes. Thanks Marcus you are an inspiration. Next time I have a time waster on the phone I'll just ask myself "what would Marcus do here?" "

Malcolm Tullett

"OK, this looks a bit OTT, after only just giving him one (in the metaphorical sense, of course - phew!!!!) but had a 121 yesterday that left me drained and exhilerated at the same time (oh my god, that sounds like another metaphor for something). The man is not only good at what he does, he's well read and world knowledgeable too. I was very impressed with his knowledge of Zarastrianism (I think that's right), which came up in the conversation, amongst loads of other stuff (it was relevant to thediscussion,by the way). He's already introduced me to six contacts and may even be able to develop something I've got with him (Oh, no ot again !!!!). So, even if it's only a possible distant thought that you might like to meet with Marcus, just do it, as it very likely to change you life. No, sod it, it will change your life but be prepared, he doesn't take prisoners."

Doug Holman

"When it comes to exposing the darkest secrets of your business sales performance, Marcus combines the insight of Morse, the guile of Poirot and the tenacity (not to mention the sartorial elegance) of Colombo. Be prepared to challenge assumptions you didn't even know you'd been making!"

Malcolm Tullett

"Looking at the list of testimonials already, it's tempting to think that no more needs to be said. Well, I'm going to say it anyway, even though it's probably just reinforcing what's gone before. First, he's got a heart of gold - he was the first person to thrust a £20 note into my hand when I announced a sponsorship event. Second, he's generous - just like Tessa, I too have been invited to a 2 hour 1:1 and he doesn't want to talk about himself (that's not going to happen). Third, he's a great speaker - certainly 'whips' up an audience and just so down to earth - a breath of fresh air. Fourth (there's plenty more but you can find that out for yourself) - he's Marcus - straight, hard-hitting, funny and just enourmous !!!!!"

Tessa Hood

"Marcus kindly invited me to a generous two hour 1:1 - and believe me that when I say he is generous, you have to know Marcus and how much he does in a day! I have to say that this was the best meeting I've ever had. He is such a powerhouse of ideas, and grasped exactly what I should be doing and how I should be doing it, and understood my shortcomings and strengths too. He advised me frankly and directly of what I was doing wrong and how, if I continued in that manner, I would never achieve what I wanted, but he also saw the value in what I had to offer and could see all the business potential that it engendered, and gave me terrific advice and some really useful connections that would help me beat a path to more business. If you want to be told you're wonderful and you're not doing anything wrong, DON'T go and meet up with Marcus, you'll be sadly disappointed, but if you want the facts on how to make more success out of your meetings and sales strategy and learn from a true master of sales then make sure you connect with him as soon as you can. Do it now and you'll never regret it. "

Jo Lunn

"If you want help, ask Marcus. But only if you really want help - his enthusiasm, passion and desire to help you is awesome. It's impossible not to take on board what Marcus has to offer as it is genuine advice and tailored to your needs. I approached Marcus thinking that he might be able to give me a little insight into the world of marketing and immediately I was encompassed by his generosity and help. Just 2 days later, over an hour's worth of phone calls and I have more suggestions, direction, advice, tips - you name it - than I could ever have imagined. Marcus says, Marcus does. A valuable commodity. He is someone that I only hope that at some point in the future I can help him as much as he's helped me. "

Michael Birley

"This is the second time I've been compelled to write about Marcus. I recommended him for our group sales training event for all the senior staff - in sales or not. He came, he saw, he conquered! A multi cultural audience from literally every continent held in the Hong Kong. Some people didn't see how it would apply to them, others had problems following the language - everyone was challenged to examine what they do and how they do it and how to achieve more in less time and have them and their customer both enjoy it! The feed back at every level was very good and I am looking forward to addressing the people who 'didn't see how it would work for them' individually. Following the language - we wistled through a huge amount of material in the 1 day session - it wasn't a one off - just a start. They'll pick it up from what the others have been equiped with and put into action. For me - my confidence in Marcus's ability was if anything understated but wonderfully rewarded. Recommend him with confidence to your colleagues / clients / friends. Thank you Marcus, Bestest Michael "

Paul "POS" Manson

"It is now two years since I called Marcus with my problems. At the time I had a failing business producing point of sale material for shops and supermarkets and despite being able to print to a higher standard than at least 95% of all my known competitors we were literally falling apart as a business and on the verge of closing the doors and liquidating the buisiness. As I said that was two years ago and things are very different now, since calling Marcus on that wet, miserable Sunday night in January 2006 and letting my pain flow out of me and down a phoneline to Marcus like a river of blood I spent a year travelling from Nottingham to London every Thursday morning. My wife and business partners thought I was mad, they could not believe the amount of time and money I was spending with my very own personal trainer, have you seen Marus in his plimsoles? Soon a new belief swept over me, I learnt more in that one year than I had learnt in a life time of selling and not just sales stuff, what Marcus shares with the willing will help you to build sales success even if your only a backwards oik with just two o levels to your name (that's me) In truth I was a willing student, I had to get better, I needed to get better and I did get better. I have not turned into some super slick salesman with an answer to everything, however the business that was on it's knee's is doing well when many companies similar to mine are struggling and indeed many are and have gone to the wall, whilst we are attracting interest on a regular basis from interested parties who wish to buy my company. We can't beleive the change around in our fortunes, it has come about directly as a result of the phone call I made to Marcus and the subsequent effort that He, me and the other memebers of the President's Club put in for that year of Thursday Mornings, yes it cost a lot of money and at the start I did think it was more than I could afford but now I know that it was the best expenditure my company has EVER made. I am not sure why you are reading this but if it's for the reason I think it is then what are you hanging around for? Phone him now, get your cheque book out, sit yourself down and close your mouth quickly when your jaw drops, yes it is expensive and I don't suppose you will realise why? just yet but if your not doing as well as you know you can, if your scared about finding the school fee's next month or just plain cold wet and hungry DO IT, beg the money, steel the money but whatever you do find the money and listen, work hard and learn, I give you my promise that you will NEVER regret doing it. "

Suzanne Pool

"Marcus is outstanding in his generosity and willingness to give while at the same time being straight and open about himself. He also asks the tough questions that need to be asked. I recommend Marcus for training - something i don't do often. thanks marcus - looking forward to working with you more in the future as my business develops. Suzie "

Kevin "Banana Man" Allen

"Marcus it was a great pleasure to meet you yesterday So many people say kind words to me, and this support is must welcomed. Yet few take action like you did. Yesterday your actions rasied enough money for me to feed 6,287 meals of fresh fruit to desperate children in Zululand next month. This puts food in their months, a smile on their faces, joy in their hearts and hope in their minds. You gave 6,287 child hope yesterday - and I know of nothing more amazing than that. This started as a private PM, but I am posting it as a Testimonial too. Thank you. Kevin "

Johan Taft

"The programme? "No Guts, No Gain" which I recently attended in central London. The content? First class! -and predictably so, as it is the product of the relatively unsung sales and business psychology hero, the late David Sandler. One of the authentic greats in real life business training who genuinely walked his talk. The trainer: none other than Marcus Caucci. This is no typical corporate training manager who got into training because he couldn't stand the heat of the real kitchen (or got thrown out). No, Marcus is battle seasoned and battle ready with plenty of scars to prove it! He is an infantry officer from the front line of sales and business leadership who has probably been "shot at" in business and sales more than anyone I know and is still standing strong -and stronger than ever! "Shot at" because he does not shy away from those hostile environments and dreading activities that most rather avoid. I am talking for instance about complex aggressive sales negotiations with multiple players all committed to winning (against you) at any cost. Or activities such as daily cold calling which most everyone I have ever asked hates with a passion and would rather do anything else instead…This man understands, practices and teaches the disciplines and processes that lead to business self management and sales success. Marcus leads from the front, sword in hand! And he is always at least one page ahead of his students in producing real results from the material he teaches. Not because his students aren't getting results. They are -or at least I know I am! But because he will continually stretch himself in generating results, both in training others and in his own business. This is rare. I typically get bored in long drawn out class room trainings. But not here. Marcus's great sense of humour and gripping pace ensured this doesn't happen. There is certainly no dust on his uniform. Or if there is, it's battle dust! The result for me from taking this course? Positive reinforcement and expansion of awareness in the psychology of failure, risk taking and getting smart and tough in today's potentially hostile and unforgiving fast paced business and economical environment, without throwing out my values and integrity. More resilience, less fear of rejection and more equipoise in the face of gain and loss, winning and loosing. Practical actions and behaviours that I was able to put to work straight away towards continued improvement in results in my business with the net benefit of ...more money in the bank! My verdict? 5 stars out of 5. Solid value! "

Gary Palmer

"What can I say?! A VERY different approach to sales, with lots of humour used to underline the messages. The most important thing is - It WILL work and deliver improved results, in my opinion. I look forward to working closely with Marcus and to having some fun at the same time Thanks Gary"

Iain Gray

"You're working on something important and have a vital meeting coming up with a client. You're feeling confident because you've got it all planned out, it's sure to go well. You've considered it from all angles. Nothing can go wrong, can it? If you find yourself in this position, you may not want to ask Marcus for his advice. It's probably easier on your nerves to just cross your fingers and hope. If you do decide to speak to him, the result is invariably direct, uncomfortable and very enlightening. Marcus doesn't just make you think outside the box, he shows you that the box exists in about 17 extra dimensions, none of which you've noticed before or even considered existed."

Kantor Michael Poths

"Marcus is a freindly and helpful person and a busy networker, it's great to have him in contacts! kind regards Michael"

Maurice Poole

"Everyone knows Marcus is absolutely expert in selling techniques. I can tell you he is also a kind and generous man. It has been a privilege to see and hear him, to create a mind map of his presentation - and meet him in person. Contact him, meet him, listen to his good sense. You won't regret it."

Graham Emmett

"Ralph Waldo Emerson. That's not me. He was an American essayist, poet and wit and died in 1882. He's widely accredited with the saying "build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door". You have to remember he was a wit - he was having a joke, a larf. It probably was b******s in 1882 and 125 years later it is complete B*****S! But how many times do you hear it? Something like this... "My product's unique. I've no competition. Sooner or later it's going to take off. I don't need marketing or sales - you see I've got a better mousetrap". Whoever you hear saying this spare them some change as they are going to die of starvation. First their kids will die, then their wife, then the dog (he survived by picking over the bones of the others) and then our friend. Sad. So, if you know anybody with skinny kids - send them along to see Marcus Cauchi and Fraser Hay. It's by no means certain but they may just be able to save them from themselves."

John von Nuding

"The 'Man' has 'selling genius' stamped across his forehead and he'll whip you and set fire to you if you don't believe it, or pay attention! Brilliant Marcus and worth getting up at 5.30am for! Namaste, John"

Andrew Wilcox

"Why is Marcus one of the greats on Ecademy? Is it his personality? His willingness to share his theory of sales over a chinese? The way in which he challenges your core rules about selling? The great advice in real situations? Yes its all the above plus many more. Thank you, marcus Andrew"

Steve Bradbury

"I have seen Marcus present at large seminars and small networking groups and his message is direct, focussed, delivered with an unconventional but effective humour, and above all else extremely important to anybody in business; ignore his advice at your peril!! However, it wasn't until I met Marcus for a 2-hour 121 that I got the real value of his expertise (certainly the most valuable 121 I have had to date). Marcus is direct, and cuts to the chase immediately, uncovering peoples' weaknesses (and certainly mine) that prevent them from working to their best effect. Whilst finding the realities of your own flaws personally uncomfortable, Marcus does not intimidate, but guides you through various solutions to becoming more effective, efficient and ultimately understand your own value - and that which you potentially throw away. Do not go through life without being challenged by Marcus - contact him as soon as you can; he will make a difference to you and your business."

Peter Burke

"Met Marcus today at one of his Sales workshops in London - I was blown away by the 'upside down' sales process strategies he displayed. I have worked in sales from an early age so undestood the old tried and tested theories and to be honest I have failed many times with me becoming disillusioned. I certainly want to be speaking to Marcus again so I can find out more, more more! "

Barry Danser

"This is one hell of a guy! When you listen to his outrageous (seemingly) methods and the possibility that he is just a great showman come to mind. But......... Marcus truly knows what he is doing knows the value of people and their product and knows how to get the most out of them -for their own good. Marcus has helped me tremendously just by referrals to some great people. Barry"

Warren Cass

"Straight talking, no nonsense businessman and THE authority on anything Sales and Marketing. He will tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you WANT to hear and if you practise what he preaches you will improve your bottom line!"

David Balbi

"Marcus is a commited and practicing ecademist. It is through the generosity and sacrifice of people like Marcus that ecademy will thrive and will become a powerful source of transformation in the world. Marcus doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk - what a great role model for anyone who sees the awesome power of the ecademy community."

Patrick Moore

"In my large and diverse network, there are a few (very few) people whom I would introduce to anybody else in my network, without the slightest hesitation. Marcus is one of them. "

Geoff Rolls

"Quite literally whipping up a new curiousity and desire in me for sales; as well as using and demonstrating some very effective methods that I know will work, he is a true master at his craft. See him now and hang onto your hat! Thanks Marcus Geoff"

Daniel Roberts

"Before I heard Marcus I was an expert - in giving away free consulting - and guess what? I wasn't making any money. Well I heard him this morning. The next time somebody calls for help it is "No" - or £120 an hour - my that's much less then they pay thier solicitor. Perhaps I should double it. Daniel Roberts Excelsis Enterprises "

Dave Clarke

"Marcus teaches plenty of sales techniques that help. They may feel counter intutitive, but they work. He also teaches that actions drive attitude. I didn't really know what he meant. Then I adopted his journal idea - track the behaviours that count in your business. Talk to him about how simple it is. After one week I was getting 30% success. After two months that was up to 90%. Thank you Marcus."

Sean McCloskey

"What can I say about Marcus that has not already been said. Firstly - he delivers. Many people involved in networking talk the talk- Marcus delivers -end of story Everyone that I have spoken to about Marcus has said how great he is at increasing their company's sales. If you want you sales to go through the roof speak to Marcus. "

Clare Evans

"I met Marcus for the first time at the seminar he runs with Fraser Hay. If you ever get the chance to attend one of their seminars then take it. He takes a totally different, refreshing approach to the selling process. If you're used to selling the old way then you may not like what he's got to say but he has years of experience to have got where he is now and what he teaches works. You'll certainly come away with plenty of advice and ideas that you can put into action straight away. It doesn't matter whether your main role is selling or not - you can't fail to take something useful away from what he has to say."

Entrepreneur's Coach Gareth Emberton

"It is my pleasure to give Marcus a testimonial: Before I met Marcus I thought all sales systems were the same: Spin Selling, Tom Hopkins, Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziggler etc. In fact all the fore mentioned make me cringe. In June 2007 I got to a point where I knew I needed to do something different to get me and my business to the next level and I knew I needed to review my sales process. But my questions were who, what, where and how? I spoke to a number of sales training providers and none of them cut it for me. It just seemed to be the same old, same old with the individuals slant on the system. Then I met Marcus and the Sandler System. After spending an hour with Marcus it hit me hard when I realised how much money I had left on the table in the past through not being effective in my selling and negotiation techniques. But then having gone to Marcus's Executive briefing I realised the same things had happen to Marcus over his career and when you listen to the Sandler material you will realise the Sandler system is built on the same pain and as a result the system has the solutions we are all looking for in sales and negotiation. I have now been working with Marcus 2 months and I have got to say this system is the bit that is missing out of my extensive business skill set. I believe you have two choices with Marcus either sign up and get on with it or don't. If you sign up you will go down a process of learning a new language and reprogramming yourself which will provide you with rich rewards. If you don't you will continue loosing money and when the pain of that gets bad enough you will then be ready to work with Marcus. But the choice is yours. Gareth Emberton "

Laury Burr

"Let's face facts. Marcus was good. Challenging - yes; a bit scary sometimes - ceetainly; thought provoking - I think so. As a Sales Trainer I thought he was the best. Er, 'Was'? Why the past tense? Simple truth. He was. And now? Oh, I see what you mean. The best got better. Only, there's a catch. Really, what's that? Well, how can I give you some bad news without upsetting you? Go on, try OK. He's also more expensive, and that's probably a problem for you, isn't it? I mean, just because he's better, doesn't justify him charging more, does it? After all, he's only passing on knowledge and experience, and that's free, isn't it? You give your professional knowledge away free, don't you? and no doubt you're happy with that? You see, he practices what he teaches. So if you're uncomfortable with the concept of treating yourself as the equal of your sales prospects (rather than seeing them as your superior), and if the vision of being paid more than at present fills you with foreboding, maybe Marcus isn't for you. On the other hand..."

John Hobson

"Never heard of Marcus prior to going to a Workshop last week - and was tremendously impressed. Fabulous content, terrific style, fundamentally (and somewhat frighteningly) challenging. If you are at all interested in selling - seek him out!"

Dexter Moscow

"I attended Marcus Cauchi's weekly Sandler President's Club training last Thursday and I left with 55 (fifty five) lesson learned in 3 and a half hours! His delivery style is unorthodox but he does something most trainers fail to do. He holds you to account and makes sure you're doing the behaviours you need to do to advance yours and your team's selling. Before we set up our own businesses, my wonderful wife Fran was, for several years, one of Dale Carnegie's most successful sales trainers and business winners in London. I also am a trained Dale Carnegie trainer and had the benefit of their first class sales training. However, both Fran and I agree that if you want to learn practical, no holds barred, profitable, predictable selling ask Marcus to help you. Now, he's expensive compared with other sales trainers but outstrips them pound for pound in value and return on investment. His knowledge of the selling and the skills he teaches using the Sandler system, drawing on his 20+ years experience in tough, ultra-competitive, business to business sales makes for a great mix. Don't contact him unless you're serious about improving your selling performance as he doesn't take on passengers. You really won't like being under the constant spotlight if you fail to perform against your behavioural objectives but if you do as he teaches you, you'll turn around your business and drive up your sales by more than 100% in a year. Not for the faint hearted. "

Torsten Kinzelt

"Everybody at ecademy MUST connest with Marcus, otherwise you´ll never learn how to sell proper !!-)) Highly recommended"""

Stephen Harvard Davis

"In the three months that I've been attending The President's Club I've increased my income by 35% and increased the conversion rate by 100%. "

Mikael Baghammar

"Marcus takes you out way out of your comfort zone. It's shocking, it's fun, it's thought provoking and, it works! I had the pleasure watching Marcus in action and when I got back into the office I rang a person I've been chasing for weeks, left a message in line with the methods Marcus suggested. I had a reply within 10 minutes and we will do business. I can think of only two reasons I can think of why you wouldn't want to experience this: 1. You are happy with your level of sales as it is 2. You love cold calling and feel 100% confident 'hitting the phone' Mikael Baghammar Results First Limited "

Babs Saul

"Anyone that sells - from small business owners that have to do it themselves, to full-on "sales people" - everyone needs to attend Marcus' executive briefing. Everything you have learned about how to sell is turned on its head and you come out feeling that actually you can sell. And it is all common sense, resulting in a win-win for everyone - the buyer and the seller. Really - if I can do it, anyone can - thank you, Marcus. That will turn into one of the most important mornings of my business life. "

Jay Maniar

"Marcus is somebody I've come to greatly admire, he speaks softly and his knowledge of sales and selling techniques is one helluva big stick. After attending his cold calling bootcamp I secured my first piece of business with Xerox and 3M, what more needs to be said?......well just this I suppose....even after the bootcamp Marcus has been around to provide support, guidance (and sadly a twang with an elastic band!), This alone makes his training the bargain of the century. Thank you very much Marcus."

Neil Urquhart

"Another long overdue testimonial for Mr Cauchi. Before I attended one of his Executive Briefings, I thought I knew a few things about sales, having trained several hundred delegates in various forms of sales training. After the briefing, my idea of sales and the psychology behind sales had changed dramatically. It's such a completely brilliant counter-intuitive approach that Marcus teaches in his own inimitable fashion. He knows his stuff inside and out, backwards and forwards but manages to combine this with humour, wit and delivery skills that are second-to-none. The effect: quite simply, I'll never see sales or sell the same way again. One thing he probably doesn't want me to tell you: the man has a heart as well as a brain. He spent the best part of one afternoon with me, gently coaching and cajoling me out of a particular low point in my professional life. I have him to thank, in large part, for no longer being a "wandering generality" of a trainer. I'm a "meaningful specifc" now. "

Jo Ward

"Marcus, what a complete treasure. A wonderful man with a wicked sense of humour and sense of fun whilst delivering the UKs number 1 sales training course. He is such a star that i'm beginning to wonder if we should start the "I love Marcus" club. Mhhhhmmmm....maybe not if everyone knew the secret of Marcus and how to excell in sales then their would be no competition and the game would be up! A big thumbs up for Marcus Cauchi and the UK number 1 sales training. You would be mad to miss out!!! But hey you've probabley missed out already on £££££££££, why would you want to change a habit of a life time now. Or would you? love and kisses and a big bear hug to Marcus."

Graham Emmett

"Marcus - Saw your marketplace listing and thought I'd update you with my progress following my graduation from Presidents Club. Since January I have netted £10,000 a month personally from sales but it's not anything to do with Sandler. I just say "it does this, but that's not interesting to you.." and the prospects just keep interupting me to sell it to themselves. How rude, that's supposed to be my role. I had a guy drop me an enquiry from my website ( asking for information and complaining that the site wasn't very helpful. I called him to apologise and ask why had he contacted me then? "Oh", he replied, "there were some questions on the front page that really rang a bell with me." As I said, nothing to do with Sandler. warm regards"

Ivor Murray

"This is a long overdue testimonial for one of the best guys in Ecademy. If you've attended one of Marcus's Executive Briefings, then you'll know that he's a brilliant and entertaining presenter, super-intelligent and witty, and knows more about selling and the sales process than just about anyone else you'll meet. If you haven't attended one of his Executive Briefings - then go on one !! Oh, by the way, he's also a great character and a lovely person. I'm very pleased to know him."

Joan Callaghan

"I had the "pleasure" of having a sales training session with Marcus on Tuesday. I went along out of interest more than anything as, you see, I have been involved with sales training, coaching selling and running quite large sales teams for many years - I knew it all, didn't I? WRONG! What I picked up was invaluable. It was a totally different approach and yet made perfect sense. ( I am sure he wouldn't like me to say this - but it was magic!) The techniques fits every business - even for those that think they can or can't sell. If you want to grow your business profitably and quickly, don't exclude yourself or make any excuses for not attending at least one of these sessions. It is seriously powerful stuff. Take this from one who knows! (Or at least thought they did!) Thanks Marcus for a brilliant delivery! Joan "

Johan Taft

"Excellent training has been one of the main reasons for my success in the corporate world as an operations manager for a large American fast-food multinational and later on as operations director of a chain of video rental stores. People investing in people; sound leadership. I now run my own businesses and still continually invest in my own training. Finding suitable training bodies and mentors that meet my demanding criteria however is a challenge. This year, my training need was in improving my ability to sell in order to expand my business beyond relying solely on referals; and selling was something I had never been trained to do. Trying harder was not producing the desired increases. I was introduced to Marcus and after a few minutes at his introduction meeting, I knew I would sign up. Quality speaks for itself. In just 6 weeks on the programme using the methods he has shared with me I have so far generated more sales revenue than over the previous 6 months combined. With freedom and ease. That's what I call a quantum leap in performance! Johan Taft "

Victor Marques

"Marcus Cauchi is a very open minded and gift person.Do you know why? In my first blackStar day he started at once to talk with me and gave me some useful contacts to my business. I will meet him in BlackStar meeting and talk more and listen him with four ears. Very practical networker and a contact not to miss."

Derek Sorensen

"A room in Central London; Twenty people hanging on every word; Easy to understand and digest, entertaining, memorable, fun, relevant. Marcus' half-day Executive Briefing is all of these and more. I entered the room at 8:30 this morning as a techy with a fear of selling. I left the room at 12:30 wondering about a career change ... into sales! Ok, now that's not about to happen (probably not, anyway) but I believe the techniques and rules of thumb Marcus taught on that course will not only make me more confident dealing withprospective customers but will also lead to my actually enjoying the sales process, resulting in better customer qualification, increased sales, better prices, and fewer timewasters. Many thanks, Marcus, fantastic stuff."

Andrew Gordon

"I attended a half day session ran by Marcus. It was full of energy and fresh ideas. I created 12 pages of notes of new ways to approach what we do. We have implemented new processes based on ideas that came from the session and I look forward to reaping the benefits! Thanks Marcus"

Melanie Tyler

"As I read through all the below testimonials I realised that almost everything that can be said about how fantastic the Sandler approach is and how effective Marcus is at delivering and coaching it, has been said... however I want to very plainly say that if you can afford to buy customers, loose countless £'s while wasting time with tyre-kickers and give away endless hours of free consulting - then DON'T spend time with Marcus. Thanks Marcus, I love every painful minute."

Dennis Shepherd

"Definitely the most productive 4 hours of training I've experienced, full of useful tips and strategies, many equally applicable to non-business life. When selling, I've very seldom felt in control of the meeting and lose focus as I try to work out what to do next. Thanks to Marcus, I now understand how to take control right from the start and maintain it throughout the meeting. What comes through in Marcus's training is not only his experience but also his passion for selling which rubs off on the delegates, all delivered with the most wickedly entertaining sense of humour. Thanks again Marcus! "

Ashkan Parsa

"I have been to other sales trainings before but few have actually had a real and immediate impact to my performance and confidence in sales. I think Marcus really delivers results, and I like his no nonsense approach. "

Guy Massey

"No matter what business you're in, or which profession you practice, you need customers to sell to in order to survive. The Sandler Sales Institute holds the key. Marcus Cauchi who runs London's First SSI is a master sales trainer. I'd never felt good about saying I was in selling. For years, I was delighted to reap the rewards of sales, but when it came to being asked what I did, I could find any number of other titles to avoid declaring I was dependent upon sales. I still held to that ugly, stereotyping belief that sales people were pushy, dishonest shysters, and offensive, untrustworthy low-lifes. When Marcus opened with "Sales is a Broadway play, played by a psychiatrist", he allowed me to close the chapter on the many other sales trainers and I realised that despite the £'000s I'd spent on their sales wisdom, over the past 15 years I'd closed deals leaving £millions on the table! Marcus Cauchi's SSI training is a full-on, blood and guts unraveling approach that seems to crack the 'nut' that no other sales trainer dared attempt. For once I didn't leave a sales training all hyped up like an inflated balloon. Instead over the ensuing weeks I've discovered the difference that time spent with Marcus generates - that following the method of Sandler, I'm noticing a vast and continuous improvement. Attending the 'Cold Calling Bootcamp' I was hugely impressed not only with Marcus's knowledge but with his dynamic, entertaining style - it helps to make the message stick! I was particularly impressed that Marcus tailored it to sales dependent people, rather than giving an off-the-shelf presentation. Whilst Marcus presented, and we took part, he provided our group with countless new approaches. The many revolutionary practices have become the norm - Pattern Interrupts, Up Front Contracts, Finding the Pain, and indeed the hugely powerful 'Stroke, Repeat, Reverse' approach, which dare I say I found myself using on my son, to great effect. I know understand why so many are saying the SSI Selling System is undoubtedly the best training system there is in the marketplace today. Reinforcement training concepts covered weekly with Marcus have revolutionised the art of learning how to sell and enjoy selling."

Phil[customs duties) Brigstock-Bates

"Spend time with Marcus (I went on a half day "seminar-briefing") and he will turn all your assumptions about selling upside down and inside out and show you a more effective approach than what you are probably doing now. You have nothing to lose in spending time with Marcus except to lose all your ways of losing business! Thanks Marcus. Phil CTA(Fellow) ATT MIEx"

Iain Gray

"I never had a problem with cold calling or asking for referrals. I just didn't do it. Marcus took about 15 minutes to make me realise that optimism, although a very charming characteristic, is disastrous when it comes to sales forecasting. It then took another 15 minutes to realise that there was a far better way than the one I had been (not) trying. Since I've been working with him, my whole outlook on sales has changed, I've started taking action, stopped being given the runaround, and even started to enjoy cold calling. And I haven't written a single free proposal. Marcus always claims that working with him is expensive, but believe me, it's a damn sight cheaper than the alternative. Thank you."

Bob Apollo

"Most sales training could be accurately described as SOS-DC (same old s**t - different colour). Buyers are far more educated than they used to be - and many of them can see a conventional sales approach coming from a mile away, and have already prepared and practiced their defences. In an SOS-DC world, Marcus's training stands out from the crowd. Few of us like cold calling - in large part because the balance of power between the buyer and the seller is so messed up. The caller is either so arrogant and over confident that they piss the buyer off from the get go, or so subservient to the buyer that they start off with an unrecoverable disadvantage. Marcus's refreshingly different approach changes all that. He gives the caller the power and the authority to control the call - and make the buyer like what is happening to them in the process! I wish I had taught them all using his approach years ago. I - and they - would not have left hundreds millions of pounds/dollars on the table. Heck, I might even be worth as much as Thomas Power is by now! I tried it the moment I got off the course. It works. I'm catching up with those lost millions as we speak ..."

Mark Lee

"Marcus Over 6 months ago I attended one of your executive briefings and made loads of notes. Like lots of people I looked at the notes a few times but didn't make a concerted effort to put into practice the extraordinary things you had talked about. I looked at the notes again last month and realised that I only had half the story. I realsied I had to get the rest of the story so booked to attend the next all day bootcamp. It was a revelation. What a powerful day. Not only did you engage everyone in the room at varying times but you proved how Sandler's techniques and approach can be used by anyone in any business, in any profession and in any 'sales' situation. You followed a structured route through the material and ensured that we had time to practice what we were learning in a series of role plays. You dealt with every question, every enquiry and every challenge with supreme confidence and we learned from each such interaction. I have pages of notes and am excited about putting it all into practice. I'm really looking forward to cold calling the Sandler way. Mark Lee FCA CTA(Fellow) Past Chairman ICAEW Tax Faculty"

John F Galvin

"Marcus is superb. He really knows what he is talking about, I have learned more from reading his blogs and meeting him in the pub for an hour than I would ever have on a course, unless of course it was given by him. He truly is the master of understanding what makes people buy, do yourself a favour get on his next course."


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