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Interim Manager - Management Consultant - Speaker - Writer - Trainer - Social Media - Social Networking - ICT for SME - Sugarfree. Contact me info at or +32496127710

Geert Conard VOF : Manager/CEO

  • Public Speaker, writer and consultant on Social Media & Social Networking
  • Interim Manager, Project Manager, Management Consultant
    IT Consult Services BVBA : Manager/CEO.
  • ICT Partner for SME companies : In the region between Brussels and Limburg we are an IT servicepartner for small companies. We try to help them with every need they have in ICT. Our services include consulting, hosting, webdesign, IT Support, hardware, software, computersupplies and much more.
  • United Partners Services NV : Non-executive Director. Activities : Consulting for SME companies and associations. Startup guiding and administrative help for all company administration. UP Services also includes the well known Bamed webshop for first aid kits.
  • DEA VZW : Non-executive Director Activities : Projects to promote and stimulate the economy, tourism and history of the region of my hometown Diest and the surrounding area which is called Hageland.
  • Cherub BVBA (Sales Manager)
  • Norman/SHARK BV (Sales Manager Belgium)
  • Compuserv CV (Sales Manager)
  • Tandy / InterTAN Inc. (Store Manager)

People know me as the guy who absolutely hated networking. In early 2004 I started out with social business networking through websites as LinkedIn and Ecademy. Exactly one year later I was one of the TOP Networkers in Belgium. An amazing transformation which changed the way I run my business, but even more it also changed my life 100%.

Special on Networking - Kanaal Z Business Television (June 2005)

From July 2004 until september 2009 I was actively promoting and organizing the activities of Ecademy in Belgium. I started off in a role as co-leader together with Hendrik Deckers, who brought Ecademy to Belgium and now leads CIOnet, a niche network for CIO's and IT Managers of large companies. Later on I was appointed Country Leader myself for the period 2008-2009. This gave me the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of a Social Networking platform. Today I'm focussing on my services as Public Speaker, Writer, Researcher and Consultant on Social Media & Social Networking. One of the new challenges I accepted at the end of 2009 is CNO for Managers 4 Managers, improving their existing networking concepts and developing, testing and implementing new networking formulas.


Jobat TV - Week 25/2008 - Opmars van sociale netwerken

My blogging highlights : - Afraid to go to offline meetings ? The "stagefright" blog - My Ecademy experience : The first two months (May - July 2004) - My Ecademy experience : July - December 2004 - My Ecademy experience : 12 month roundup - The Importance of offline meetings - HSP - Highly Sensitive Persons - Superconnectors or Stamp Collectors - 5 Years that changed my life - Networking and Entrepreneurship in 2011 - Small Business Owners are the true heroes of our economy - Instream Management for your networking group - Is it hard to blog on Ecademy ? This is how I do it - Networking for Business - Professional frustration More blogs ?

My Books During the summer of 2005, I wrote my first book on Networking. In this book I wrote down my personal experiences with online networking during my first 1,5 year as a novice networker. The style of the book is very similar to the 'experience' blogs mentioned above. Exactly 4 years later I wrote my second book 'Friends with Benefits', focussing on networking in a new and changed economy. In the summer of 2010 I wrote an ebook on demand for the businessclub M4M titled "Online Networking with M4M". This ebook is a 40 page bundle of networking tips for the use of the most popular online networks. Download available for free on my website ! In Nov. 2012 I published my 3th book packed with networking tips for small business owners. This is my first book in dutch, available from bookstores as Standaard Boekhandel and titled "Hoe SEXY ben jij als ondernemer ?"



I'm a High Yellow

I'm a High Yellow - What colour are you ?

Tips on how to get to know me better

  • Be flexible
  • Be quick paced
  • Be positive
  • Be open
  • Be generous with your praise
  • Be supportive of my ideas
  • Have fun!

I used to live in Lummen, but after my divorce in 2003 I moved back to Diest, the town where I grew up as a teenager. After a few years of getting back on my feet in a small but very comfortable appartment, I bought 2 old houses in the city-center and had them renovated. (One to live in, the other for my office). It will probably take +100 years to finish them completely, but it was an opportunity I just couldn't resist. There is a certain charm in living in old buildings with high ceilings and high windows. I just needed to add some modern comfort like new electricity, a decent kitchen, bathroom, central heating etc. I dropped out of college in the early 90s and started bartending for a few months, before I was drafted to spend 12 months in the army. In my case this was a security-fieldjob in the Belgian Airforce. After this year I worked in a production plant for a couple of weeks ... then I moved on to become a sales engineer for Tandy / InterTan Inc. Some months later I promoted to Store Manager. After 2 years InterTan decided to close all stores in continental Europe. Back to zero. That was the moment when I decided to specialize in ICT Sales. I started jobhunting again focussed on this idea and became Sales Manager for Compuserv CV, a computerstore for SME customers. My main task was to manage the computershop in Diest. In 1996 I started writing (technical) articles for ICT magazines in my spare time. During the next 4 years I wrote a series of articles "Geert weet Raad" for the monthly magazine "Netwerk" and also co-hosted the TV show "Xplo" on national TV, together with a local celebrity, Geena Lisa. In the summer of 1999, after a brainstorming session with a few friends I founded the IT Consult network, a group of freelance IT professionals with the ability to cover the entire country (Belgium) for onsite support. Our initial idea was to provide onsite services for people who hated taking their PC to a computershop. (e.g. lawyers, doctors, ...) After just one month we were already contacted by external partners (e.g. Internet service providers) to do the same activities also for their customers. For exactly 10 years this group was the flexible service-force for many ICT partners such as Belgacom, Planet Internet, Tiscali and Euphony. This activity was stopped in November 2009. Since 2005 I also added extra activities to my portfolio which enabled me to grow my business into a complete and focussed ICT company (webdesign, hardware, software, toners, ...). Today IT Consult Services BVBA is a professional ICT company with direct customers in the wider region between Brussels and Limburg. With two people in sales and management, four technicians and the support of a large group of freelancers we offer a very flexible partnership to self employed entrepreneurs and small companies. In July 2007 I also started a management solutions company (Geert Conard VOF). My first project was structuring the sales division for a distribution company for security software. My first book launched in november 2005 and almost immedeately demand came for Public Speaking. These days I speak regularly on business events and even give lectures on social media in highschools and universities. This started a whole new business activity for me which is very exciting ! We also provide follow up activities (consulting and assistance) helping our customers with their first steps in Social Media.

Because I still had a blind spot in my network in my own town, Diest, I also started to get involved in local politics. After a first attempt to participate in the city council elections of 2006, I ran for president of our chapter and got elected for the period 2007-2010. I succeeded in growing my local network through politics, but this experience also learned me that the cruel world of politics is not my thing.
The very best part of this political adventure is the fact that I also found my lovely wife Tineke in this group. We have two daughters : Our sweet Ellen who was stillborn on March 2, 2010. We will miss her every single day of the rest of our lives. Our second daughter Elise was born March 14, 2011.
It must be clear to everyone that I'm totally into social networking ... my whole life is now based on it ... Networking became a lifestyle !
Thanks for reading my profile, let's do some networking ! ... and wherever possible, let's do it in style :)
Together with Tineke at the Horeca Awards 2009, Genk, Belgium (01/02/2010)
Learn the rules. And break them. Be as always. Behave as never before. Be different. Be proud of it. Pursue a goal. As long it is your own. Be a teacher. Be a student. Grow up. Stay young. Follow your own star

Best regards,


And ... a few more things to get to know me better

Passions : (Because it doesn't always has to be business)


Caruso by Lara Fabian. This is probably the most beautiful song ever written. Very fragile and emotional.
  • Nessun Dorma by Paul Potts : It's amazing to see how a mobile phone salesman from South Wales discovers his true talent and passion
  • Lovin' Whiskey by Anouk : The first song that ever touched me so deep that I felt shivers all over my body
  • Jazz, blues, rock, Joe Cocker, Anouk, U2, Simple Minds
  • London, Scotland, Luxembourg
  • Wine, whisky, Gastronomy, Jamie Oliver (I'm connected to Jamie on Facebook !!!)
  • Movies, magazines, newspapers
  • CSI, 24, Kinderen van Dewindt, Jamie Oliver
  • The Net, Chocolat, The Godfather, Casablanca, The Breakfast Club, The Associate, The Secret of My Success, Coyote Ugly, Die Hard, Wall Street
My favorite movie : The Net (Trailer)
  • Standup comedy & other performances
Jim Breuer is one of the very best standup comedians !
Most people already know this amazing mime act, but halfway this performance there is a big surprise !!!

Favorite & Historical Speeches



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Lucien Meert

"Dear Geert, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "

Ingrid Larik

"Thanks to Geert I got connected to Ecademy. The first brief encounter spoke for itself: openmined, result-driven..;a true networker"

Jurgen Basstanie

"Geert has introduced me to Ecademy and he has greatly assisted me getting linked to people that are intersting to me, mainly in the UK. He has superb network skills and has stimulated others to benefit from his contacts as well. Thanks Geert!"

Alyne Dawson-Washington

"It is a pleasure to connect with you and be in your Network, Geert. From what I've read, I can see why you are a Black Star. Congrats on your superb networking skills. As a token of appreciation, I would love for you to send a card to someone special, free on me. Alyne"

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at"

Tomasz Glowczewski

"It is a pleasure to be connected with Geert. Best regards, Tom"

Esben Sjælborg Jensen

"I had the pleasure of meeting Geert at the Danish Ecademy Christmas event. Geert is an open and well balanced person with a high drive and lots of humor. So it was a pleasure to get to know him, also in real life a great networker. Regards, Esben"

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Hi Geert, my honest congratulation to yr job here on Ecademy and really appreciate! I rated you good! I'm proud of being in yr network! I'm proud of you in my fast growing group! Welcome to Budapest! Don't forget to ask for my reliable help, if you'll come!"

louis mollerfors #4

"I had the great opportunity to meet Geert in person at the Danish Ecademy Christmas party. A very positive, knowledge person, and good networker."

Stella Holman "The Connector"

"I first connected with Geert in June 04 after just joining Ecademy and being new to networking. During the past four years, we've only spoken four times over messages! During my visit to Denmark I had opportunity to spend some quality time with him. It was a very rewarding experience to meet Geert who is very passionate and active Networker in Belgium and Europe. He is a valuable member of the Blackstar group, and very competent in his field of IT. We've enjoyed some very good conversations on networking and IT. Geert you are in my opinion a very straightforward, honest, committed and trustworthy person. I'm blessed to have you in my network and consider you a personal friend. It's a pity the people you like the most are the ones that live so far away! Hope to see you again soon! xxx "

Peter P.J. Desmet

"Geert is a real networking guy, that has the experience, the knowledge of a real entrepreneur. He is a guy that also can help the international people how the get the best business relationships. He is also a 4 D's man. PJ"

Koen De Ganck

"Thanks Geert for the useful presentation and explanation of how to use the Ecademy website and make the maximum benefit of it. Kind regards, Koen De Ganck Alfa Sprint Service AlfaStar domotics, affordable comfort"

Dan Ion OPREA #3

"Geert is a consistent Ecademy networker. I had the pleasure to meet him in Copenhagen at the end of November 2008, on the occasion of Ecademy Denmark Christmas events, at Tina's. I recommend Geert as a competent and very nice person."

Bente B Lindstroem

"It was good to meet with you at the Copenhagen meetings Nov 28 and 29. You are very kind and present in any room. And a super networker. Sorry that we did not take time to talk more, it will be possible at another Ecademy meeting. Congratulations with your appointment to Belgium Black Star Leader. All the best from Bente :-) "

Rolf Waeber

"Geert, thousand thanks for being such a good companion at our Copenhagen meeting, last weekend. It also was great visiting with you and other highly estimates ecademy fellows, the famous Tivoli Gardens in CPH. We had three days of real networking together in beautiful Denmark. I owe you me deepest honour and gratefulness, gratitude. You are a great networker in all senses. Rolf"

Vered Neta

"If there is a person that can teach a lot about what true networking is... it is...Geert!. Learned so much from you. Thanks."

Shouaib Ali ...

"I am pleased to have made contact with Geert Appreciative, Proactive, Responsive and Optimistic! Thanks for connecting I'm so glad to be connected with smile :) I would like to network in the near future through linkedin & other networking resources& looking forward being of mutual benefit to one another."

Fatma Kaya

"I am pleased to be able to rank you among my contacts. Yours sincerely, Fatma Kaya"

Tord Sand

"Proactive, progressive, forward moving personality makes a contact with you like a very pleasant journey, so thank you for being in my network here! Warm regards Tord G. Sand WellnessCoach "

Franz Kaiser

"Geert, You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for your insight. Franz"

Eileen Paat

"Geert, you certainly rock! : ) Reading through your profile here in ecademy is like reading an adventure novel. Wished you were near here to Vietnam to share your infectious drive and give the Vietnamese a taste of being a HIP Entrepreneur. Have a great life and keep on rocking!"

Don Egnor

"Geert is a fantastic person and made me feel very welcome at Ecademy. He is a great networker and is always willing to share his expertise with everyone. I am honored to have him as a friend on Ecademy. Don Egnor TFF-Mastermind Group"

Linda Vansteenwinckel

"Another example of great networking capability : thanks, Geert, for recommending my coaching activities to the Vijf-TV researchers! Linda Sampraxis"


"G.Conard is better networker at Next Level"

Patrick Nelson

"Helpful, forthright and honest - exactly what you need in a both a networking contact and a friend. Get to know Geert, you won't regret it."

Sajid Hussain Journalist4Peace

" Geert is a man of qualities , so as Pakistan base Journalist i love to be part this man's network GOD Bless him at every sphere of life. Sajid"

Bharat R A

"An amazing person with tremendous brilliance. Highly recommended to network with."

Dr. Yael Stein

"What a great profile! What a positive, active young man!! I am very pleased to meet Geert and recommend you do it too! yael"

Borut Jeglic

"I have finished reading Geert's book a few days ago. It exceeded my expectations although they were pretty high, which is natural having met Geert in person and being able to talk to him for some time. The book is easy to read but still packed with useful information on how to start networking and expand your network later on. But what I think is the most important, it really captures that true spirit of Ecademy and networking in general. Not many people have such defined opinion about networking let alone are able to present it in the way Geert has with this book. I will definatelly recommend anyone even remotely interested in networking to read this book and I'm absolutely sure it will rock their world as it has mine. Thank you Geert for the wonderful experience of being able to read your book and even more importantly being able to meet you in person and call you a true friend. I'm sure there are still great and wonderful things in stock for you. ;) Your friend (not girlfriend :)) from Ljubljana, Borut"

Carl Willy Carlsson

"I see Geert as a networker with a vision for his networking. Visions is what leads to a difference in the world. CWC"

Peter H. Claes

"Een puur zakelijke testimonial maar het mag gezegd worden: Iets meer dan een jaar geleden kozen wij resoluut voor de service van IT Consult Services. Tijdens de verhuis van Brussel naar Ramsel konden we rekenen op Matthijs die met de nodige gedrevenheid zorgde dat alles vlot verlopen is. Ons ander bedrijf C P Management Solutions kreeg te maken met een PC crash, alle data verloren en u kan het al raden, geen backup. Geert en zijn team brachten hier tot onze grote tevredenheid quasi alle informatie terug boven water. Ook voor de hosting van onze CPMS website kozen we de voorbije maanden voor IT Consult Services. Bij het kleinste probleem, hapering, zorgt Geert voor de oplossing. Kortom, IT Consult Services levert een optimale service op maat van de KMO aan een scherpe prijs! Peter H. Claes - CEO & Managing partner - BGIFTS - CPMS "

Andreja Lajh

"Whatever I should write about Geert it might look subjective because we are real friends. But on the other side if he got my trust and friendship it means there must be something special about this man, isn't it? ;-) He is for sure one of the most trustworthy men I know. His friends can always count on him. On the other side I respect him deeply also because of his ethics, his focus and working discipline. He is successfuly active in quite some fields which he develops with all his passion and devotion. An excellent networker, speaker and IT consultant which is able to give an extra value to all that he does also with his creativity, personal warmth, care and instinct. Talk with him and get to know him, and you will understand what I mean. He is special. Thank you, Geert, for being close to me even if you are far away."

DSU Miranda ODonoghue

"'One of Ecademy's 'Hidden GEMS.' Geert is extremly approachable, genuine, knowledgable, passionate about his work. He's a great listener and makes you feel at ease when asking questions. Recently, Geert has advised me on a number of issues - Yes, even us I.T people don't have all the answers:) It's nice to meet somebody who shares similar passions in such a diverse range of disciplines and who compliments your knowledge, skills, experiences and interests. Geerts book definetly was NOT what I was expecting...what an amazing insight to a number of social networks and techniques to use. Geerts book reflects how far ahead in the future he is in terms of understanding future developments in both technology and online social interaction. Even by todays standards all the information Geert shares is so true and relevant. Geert, Thanks for your recent advice. I appreciate it. You're going to be around for a long time. I'm glad to be able to call you a True Friend and to be able to say I know you! Miranda"

Norman Cescut

"Meet him ... it's an experience!"

Hanka Kastelicova

"Geert is great networking teacher. He did have great presentation in our meeting in Ljubljana. I had also possibility to have a long 1 2 1 meeting with him, and he gave me many great tips and ideas about how to use Ecademy to my best benefit. Geert, thank you very much for coming to Slovenia and sharing with us all your knowledge and good spirit. "

Ziga Vavpotic

"Finally! I was really looking to meet Geert in Ljubljana. I heard so many nice things about him. Now I can say, everything is true. Great man, outstanding netwroker and positive human being. Read his book if you want to understand some secrets of networking. I am sure that we will continue to meet in future. "

Agata Kopac

"Dear Geert, I'm very sorry for not talking to you. But I'm happy I decided to come to the Ecademy meeting in Ljubljana two days after having set up my profile. You gave me a good insight into the networking in your speech. Thanks for speaking out of your heart. Please, go and find as many new networkers as possible. You have a great ability to move people's hearts."

Carrsten Johan Thessen

"I want to write a nice text to Geert ! To be honest I mirror myself in Geert - he has the style, and the energy, that makes most networkers filled with respect. I follow him in the secret - and try to learn and adapt.. Thanks Geert - for showing the way.. Kind Regards Carsten Jungløw Thessen Technical Product Manager "

Barbara Klaus

"Geert thank you for beiing so nice and friendly and I enjoj in your presentation in Ljubljana. I hope we will meet again. Barbara"

Lars Larsson

"I met Geert in Ljubljana, Slovenia 12-13 September 2008. He had been invited to have a presentation about how he look upon networking and what benefits it has. It was a very interesting presentation. He has also written a book on the theme called "A girl in every city". Thanks for having the opportunity to meet you."

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear GEERT for your feelings about people and share with us your way of doing network...We need more people like that love to talk and tell stories to others about the best way of getting what you dream about.. Kindest regards and best wishes to you and the ones that you love. Victor Marques"

Borut Jeglic

"I met Geert in person today and he just has that positive energy with a great sense of humour. Really a man worth knowing and being in touch with. Thank you for a wonderful evening Geert!"

Tina Jonasen

"Geert is a "Full Blooded ProActive Networker" at its very best !! He runs Ecademy in his country in such a professional way, that I can only hope to be just half as good. On top of that he is an intelligent, warm hearted, open and interesting man - with a fantastic insight and interest in people! I look very much forward to be meeting Geert IRL tomorrow - where I will surely suck as much wisdom as possible from him - and then, before he runs totally dry; fill him up with Wine & Whiskey - so I can drain him of knowledge some more ;-) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GEERT TO ANY SERIOUS NETWORKER!!! ThinkInNewAreas Ecademy Denmark "

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker!"

Victor Jaravine

"Great guy and "true networking spirit" , have a chat with him it will be fun ! "

Lenin Kumar

"Amazing Blogger!!! And a Real Networker, Proud of you!!!"

Chey Mann

"What exciting energy you have Geert!"

Ron Ladage

"When you have a question or a problem, Geert is always there for you. A warm and human man, a leader for a lot of people and a real chairman of the Ecademy club in Belgium. He has a lot of contacts and when he can help you, he connects you with other contacts. He is a professional in ICT and when you don't know what you can do on Ecademy, go to his Workshop and you will have more fun with the Ecademy network. It is an honor to know him as a friend. Ron Ladage "


"I know Geert for some time now ... He introduced me to Ecademy in 2007 and showed me how to network... Making new friends for life... And Geert is exellent as Ecademy-chairman in Belgium. Proud to have Geert in my network! Btw: we have the same taste for good bourbon! Cheers! ;-)"

Christina Mai Hansen

"Geert, you are truly an amazing friend and networker. May all good things flow to you in the future."

Lingaraj Ra

"Geert is a Great, warm, very nice and highly recommend ecademist leader. I am very proud to be his connecting. Best wishes from Lingaraj :)"

Thomas Rørbæk

"Fantastic blogger for us new to Ecademy. Geert has some good thoughts. "

Joeri Billast

"Great presentation at the ThinkTomorrow event of June 05, captivating from the first till the last minute! Highly recommended speaker."

Yves Van Nuland

"Geert is a real networker. He is always open to listen and ready to help you"

Marc Degreef

"Geert's workshop on Ecademy was very useful to me. He showed us the enormous potentials of Ecademy. Hence I decided to concentrate my on- and offline networking on Ecademy and Xing. Geert, thank you very much. Marc"

Dimitry Lapushkin

"Very interesting profile! Respect"

Martunas LG

"Dear Geert CONARD, I should address my sincere appreciation on your kind assistance to grow my network. It is my strong desire to have world wide networks. With Best Regards, Martunas Lumbangaol e-mail: Cell. +6281932567890 LinkedIn Website: Skype name: martunaslg "

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"Geert is very nice, caring, warm, honest and open person He is always there if you need to talk I can share my opinions with him Thank you for lovely friendship and all support love Radka "

Sofie "Catching dreams" Vanhoutte

"Meeting this guy changed my life in every way you can imagine. He made my world much bigger than it already was. I'm very proud to be one of his very best (girl) friends. Thanks for the more then 2 year true friendship and support in good and bad times......hope that there will follow many more years. Sofie"

Sofie "Catching dreams" Vanhoutte

"A big part of succeeding is teaming. That's why I establish filters for who I work with. That's not arrogance. It's confidence. - Larry Smith Thanks for giving me that confidence and for being a part of the Chalkline team Geert. Thanks for helping me to make my dream come true. Sofie"

Frans Vos / Materials Consult

"It happens rarely, meeting someone which can explain in a clear language what's networking all about. What's more ... it is very rare that I read a book of about 100 pages in almost 1 single session. What's also more ... meeting more and more people which all say the same ... that their lives have changed enourmously in a positive way thanks to meeting 1 single person ... Geert Conard. "

Amanda Hamilton

"Geert and I "bumped into each other" cyber-speaking - and before I knew it his dynamic, kind, professional and proactive approach had me absolutely hypnotised. If you want to learn about how to connect meaningfully, purposefully, but with human gentleness, you are already in the right place. Thank you Geert. Amanda :)"

Ajay Sharma

"Geert is nice person and his warm and welcoming message in networking gives you welcoming feeling. Ideal living for his messages. Ajay"


"Hi Geert Congratulations!!! Thanks to you, I was informed about Ecademy which brought me a lot of contacts and new friends, over the world. I'm looking forward to see you back and to collaborate in the near future :o) Geert = highly recommended!!! Cheers Geraldine "

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Congratulations Geert Conard for ChairmanShip of Ecademy Belgium! It is a great ship and a great heritage from Belgium Iconic Hendrik Deckers...3500 members is an amaZing performance gentleman in 3.5 years...Your organiZation fills us all w/ pride! Your professionalism and expertise is a true inspiration and you will succeed too in flying Belgian colors i am sure !!! Our Great British friends and many other friends can testify this fact! Everything is possible and Ecademy Africa is opening its arms to you w/ an AmaZing bliss. Interfaith Belgian Winter Garden Christmas Party 2007 was a success and we donated all profits to a local charity...For Africa...For Music for Life...For Studio Brussels !!! Very much honored to be part of your networkof excellence and of people who don't let things happen but make them happen! You good is better... Your better is blessed! Eddy Murphy-US Actor and Humorist. Keep it up and... Bedankt Gentleman, MuZ+afa From the movie city Casablanca"

Kantor Michael Poths

"Geert is a kind and professional networker, it's great to network with him. kind regards Michael"

Connie Haag

"As we all know there are a dozen ways of doing everything, business networking included thus I was keen to find out for myself how Geert worked out these online things - reason why I got me a copy of 'A Girlfriend in Every City.' Incredible stuff indeed! Whenever I dip into this book now I'm instantly full of admiration for the author's deft handling of the tricky balance between holding oneself open while reducing informational noise simultaneously. To put it in a nutshell: Geert's writing works like the homeopathic remedy for my own net- working behaviour in regard to necessary levels of openness: His gusto drives out my overly- cautiousness. Well, there hasn't been finer a lesson for the networking neophyte in me: thanks eternally! "

Glenn Van Croonenborch

"Geert, Thanks for the quick message I got from you. You make people feel welcome."

Jos Hall

"Thanks Geert, You've been a great help. You have clarified quite a few things for me and confirmed a lot of things that I thought were true. You're a star! Jos"

Ron 'Fresh Breeze' Jansen

"Geert is a very amiable guy who is always looking for an opportunity to help people. And I dont mean helping by selling his stuff but 'simply' by sharing his extensive networking/IT/.. knowledge and connecting people. A very fine example of the true networking spirit. Keep on the good work Geert!"

Kurt Hemeleers

"Geert introduced me to Ecademy and coached my first steps here in a simple focused way so everybody understands. He is very intelligent, open-minded, helping and listening to the needs of one another. I'm glad I've met him and the book he wrote "A girlfriend in every city" is his networkingdairy used by many as lead and tool to succes. Thank you Geert! Please do contact him if you are in need for his expertise. I'm your guarantee!"

Tom Defillet

"Hello Geert, Thanks for your welcome. I hope to meet you in the near future on a meeting. Beste Regards, Tom"

Tamara "M4M" Mariën


David Carson

"Hello Geert, Just getting around to finding out about the links. Just wanted to say thanks for your welcome and helpful information. Regards Dave"


"Geert introduced me to Ecademy and explained me about this site. At first sight, it looked a bit difficult to work with. Thank you Geert, I now know which are the possibilities, how I can attend Ecademy events in Belgium... Thanks a lot for the interesting conversation!!! It gave me a boost. The next step I will undertake is to read your book :o) I'm looking forward to see you back. Cheers Geraldine Networking = fun!"

Anthony Mellor FCA, Tel 0121 314 4750

"A well travelled man in all senses and someone I hope to get the chance to meet in person. Anthony"

Rachel Henke

"I really enjoyed reading Geert's blog and info on networking. It stuck me above all how genuine and honest he is about being thrilled that people have enjoyed connecting with him. That outranks cool in my book! Cheers Geert"

Peter H. Claes

"Geert, he wrote a book.....on holiday in Switserland,a few months after i inested in this little book, i found the 'real' way to use a network! Geert helped me, and with me a lot of people, personaly how networking works. I can highly recommend Geert, he is a real networker and a great sparring partner in meetings! Peter H. Claes"

eric j. wildschut

"Clever guy with a sound reputation."

Juhi Rai

"Geert has always been enthusiastically helpful. I remember, he made me feel welcome at Ecademy, when I was new and clueless. My friend Sunny, joined recently and cannot stop talking about Geert! Thank you for being so beautifully present in ecademy, you add a lot to Ecademy, Geert! Inspired bu you! :):)"

Victor Marques

"In my first days of BlacKStar Geert was there offering his precious help. I really love to be connected with an amazing and different guy. He will help, and help with lots of attitude and energy. He is top class networker."

Jan Harrison

"I found Geert by a total 'fluke' - aren't I the lucky one! He's soooo interesting and a totally committed 'ecademist'. And I won't hesitate to ask him for advice. Jan Harrison "

Mario Bojilov

"Thanks Geert for welcoming me to Ecademy and sending me some very helpful links!"

Christophe Pêtre

"Highly recommended ... "

Bart Vino" Van Honsté

"If Geert would be a wine, he would be in my top 10 of all time favourites! Luckely for us, he is not a wine but a man of flesh and blood. In short, this is a guy who brings networking to an all new level. Keep on uncorking your networking skills, Geert!"

Adam Hawkes

"Good man to know"

Saskia Smet

"Geert's book a girlfriend in every city reads very smoothly, it is like a real story, you always want to know what comes afterwards. For me one of the most interesting are the large number of hints and tips, not only with regard to networking, but also related to e.g. MBTI, HSP, it gives you an impression of what it is about, but sufficient to make you eager to know more about it. Geert was one of my first contacts on Ecademy, ready with hints & tips, but Geert is not only a virtual networking guru, he is a very charming person and always ready to help. Groetjes, Saskia "


"Always ready to answer questions and always there to help out where needed - professionally and socially. Why? Because this is who Geert is... Thanks"

Eric Sutherland

"Geert Is responsible for getting me back into ecademy and its moved on to reach a critical mass. With Marketplace going well and membership growing daily. Compared to the IMC and APM in the UK which both hit resistance at 4,500 to 5,000 level its a great target 100,000 plus, so hope to see the One Million soon."

James Coder

"Geert is someone who can give you lots of practical, down-to-earth, hype-free tips on getting to know people network-wise. Without him I might never have tried it. Kudos, Geert!"

Kris Vanhoutte

"Geert is a 'super' Ecademist. When I connected Shaun Gisbourne here at Ecademy, he said the right thing : Geert is thé Network reference and success story of Ecademy. Geert, we did not have the opportunity to talk a lot, but for me you are a great guy. I feel very priviliged to be a part of your network."

Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

"Sincere appreciation for the Positive vibes and Good advice that you offered me when I first joined Ecademy. Thanks for the warm welcome. God Bless You Geert, we're finally connected on Ecademy after all this time and it feels great. Blessings Rajesh +44 (0) 1785 256797 07837 895052"

Hans Anneveld

"Gives a good feeling. Has a good idea (I think) of what's important (details too) in building relations. "

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"I've read the book (once) ... I've met the man (twice) ... Both highly recommended ... Great ambassador for all this networking stuff ... and a very hospitable host in beautiful Mechelen XXXX"

Heidi Heyns

"Love what you've done with the Internet, Geert! Mr. Omniscient Presence! Everywhere at once! And damned surprising, direct and generous! Blew me out of my little world to get such an amazingly compliment in my testimonial mailbox! Then, I realized I'd not even rated Geert with a Good! For shame! He's so generous and open! Everywhere I go on the Web...there's Geert! Powerful and immense...yeah..that's omnicsience! Thank you, most kindly! Namaste, Heidi "

Andrew Wilmot

"Geert, Thanks for sorting out my book problem so quickly. Andrew"

Navin Malik

"Thanks for your help. Best wishes in your pursuits."

Younas Aamir

"Geert loves to help others with lot of suggestions."

Pascal Plumier

"Good help from Geert... Thanks"

Serafim Florea

"I am very glad to have Geert in my network because he is a real helper and i value his advice!"


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