Lawrence Perry

Lawrence Perry

CEO and Clinician, Catch Friday Media Ltd


Lawrence Perry RGN BSc (hons) Community Health Care SPDN NP is a blogger and CEO of Catch Friday Media and writes among others on Death and Dying, as well as other subjects.

All correspondence that members may like to send me should be by my linkedin account, as I am afraid that I am now in full-time employment and do not have the time to blog as I may have liked to, and I am consequently adjusting my social media noise.

I write on Social Media and assist brands with their message, making sure that it is received by their audience both online and offline in all types of media.

We work with corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs and consumers assisting them to understand brands, equiping and mentoring in social media, so that they both understand the message, from beginning to audience.

We provide you with marketing, mentoring, and equipping you with the skills that your organisation requires, to effectively take your message into the mindset of your target.

We listen to what you want to say, and our team help you pragmatically to focus your message on your audience, so that the right words come out.


I am also a spanner connected to the right network and can assist you in your sales process, marketing and outsourcing, presently offering a software solution to the construction industry.

I guess I would like to be known as a helper and signposter. I give free advice and you can call me on my mobile 07412 540371 or email me

I own two websites Catch Friday Media and Catering Design.

I am into social media in a big way and have 60,000 followers in five twitter accounts, 3000 plus followers on facebook, and over 1,500 connections on linkedin. Maddening but nuts - some range and should not be underestimated for putting deals together.

I am in collaboration with a number of members here and elsewhere, and I'm not shy at doing business, nor should I be underestimated - I make deals, alliances and I'm linked.

I have a good accountant and have submitted audited accounts - indeed Mike Coulson got me a very good tax rebate from HRMC.

If you need an introduction ask me! See my linkedin profile.



Mobile: 07412 540371
Twitter: @catchfriday
Facebook: Profile
Skype: dolmaint
Google+: Profile
Website URL:
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Elio Assuncao

"It is a pleasure to know and connect with Lawrence, A very nice man and even bought me a drink :)"


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