What do people hear when you speak?

What do people hear when you speak?

Recently at my Barbershop singing club, a chap came up to me to say he liked the video of me. "Which one?" I asked. "The one in which you talked about first impressions." 

I was puzzled because no such video exists. However, he had gone on my website and seen the video on The Dos and Don'ts of Business Presentations and somehow remembered it as "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". 

The process in his mind probably went something like this: My video = something motivational. Embedded motivational message (from past experience) = First impressions Therefore my video = first impressions 

I must admit it gave me pause. How often do my speeches or seminars get translated into something that I did not say, or get confused with an embedded preconception? Do folks hear what I say, or only what they want to hear? Perhaps the answer lies in better structure. 



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Christine Miller


Food for thought Phillip

So many factors in what and how and why people 'hear' what we say, and how they interpret it. Environment, education, expectation, emotional state, engagement, even more...the old metaphor of what one chooses from the banquet table, personal preferences. 

Maybe it's a matter of what the person needs to hear at the time, maybe what they choose to hear...or not hear! In this case you cite here, it appears it had a positive outcome even if it's a touch of the 'unintended consequences' effect! 

PS A very wise man recently told me you have an amazing gift with words...;-) will be in touch soon. 


Lawrence Perry


Nice article

Philip fantastic to see one of your blogs - I missed them!

I know you have something to say - so many of us do, but when we open our mouth's the wrong words come out!

Saw the King's Speech last night, and ..............

What advice can you give?