The vital importance of knowing that it only works 'inside-out'

The vital importance of knowing that it only works 'inside-out'

A man lies in a hospital bed, his leg is broken in 12 places, his arms are shattered. He has cuts and bruises all over his body and 30% burns caused by the intense fire that raged, after his car hit the tree and exploded. His skin has melted in several places and he has numerous fractures. His internal organs have been bleeding and one of his kidneys has failed.

A sudden jolt of searing, intense pain shoots up his spinal column and into his brain. His conscious awareness makes this pain so shockingly real for him that he feels the effect in every single fiber of his being.

He screams out, his voice audible throughout the wards of intensive care. As he cries out, his voice is shrouded... not in despair, but with intense joy. With intense excitement and delight... for the pain tells him that he still here... he has made it... he is alive!

I've struggled in the past to put into words why having an understanding of simple principles which explain how human's create reality through our thoughts are important - and sometimes I have to really go back to basics to regain my clarity. These principles are nothing more than an explanation of the process by which we see life. The importance if them lies in the fact that it only works one way.

We create our experience of life from the inside out. When we see who is responsible for our own experience, every available option is there for us in every type of situation. Compassion and love are possible, even when our greatest fears and worst nightmares are playing out.

World peace becomes a possibility when everyone gets this... insightfully...from the inside out. THAT's why they are important!

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