Swimming against the tide is just part of the journey

Swimming against the tide is just part of the journey

The fact is that nothing in this life happens as it is supposed to. We can plan, plan and plan some more but no plan is ever 100% successful, life is too random for that to happen. So we must accept that things will go differently. Life will happen as it is supposed to and whether we are going along for the ride or fighting against the tide, it's worth remembering where we are and where we're going.

Victoria and I watch 'Salmon fishing in the Yemen' yesterday. A great film by the way, and one in which things don't go according to plan for all involved, including the highly organised press secretary to the Prime Minister. Life imitates art in all ways... and in fact there is a very similar project which I am on the verge of getting involved in right now, which could actually change things dramatically in this area of the world. Will it happen according to plan? Of course not. But it will be exciting, exhilarating and enjoyable. Because life is here as the journey... the carrier to our ultimate destination of returning to the source... just like the salmon in the film.

We all go back to whence we came eventually. So whilst we are here, swimming up stream sometimes, it's good to know that we are simply returning home. Even the struggles are worth it as they are part of the journey which we can learn from and become stronger.

Robert Zarywacz


Plans are useful . . .

. . . but knowing how to deal with the unexpected is important.

It certainly makes life interesting!