SunZu is in the news!

SunZu is in the news!

Today's Sunday Business post.

New website seeks a fresh angle on social business networking

 by Elaine O'Regan

Lyndon Wood of

What it does: social business network

Why it works: "Trying to launch a social network with great content would be very challenging from day one. was one of the first, if not the first, social networking site. It was set up 15 years ago." - Lyndon Wood, founder


Ireland is getting a new social network aimed at the business community with the official launch in Dublin, later this month, of

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Linda Shackelford


Great PR!

Fantastic to read this story and looking forward to increasing SunZu's media coverage through our PR campaign which starts this week! 


Laurence Lowne


Please define and clarify this statement:

Business owners register, and they can write articles ideally relevant to their industry type as long as those articles are useful to the reader, because it's all there to assist and inspire business owners into growth.

I learnt a long time ago that everything has to be balanced up.

If this site is simply going to portray everything is rosy in the rose garden and ignore the aphids, then it will have a short shelf life.

Sorry to be a realist.


Lyndon Wood


Just the start

A lot more PR to come. Members rising all the time which is good. Gatherings gaining momentum so it is all starting to come together nicely now.

Thanks everyone.


Helen Winder


Great work

Really great to see SunZu starting to hit the papers and gain the exposure it deserves (and Lyndon).

Can't wait to see the name Everywhere :)

Well Done :)


Christine Miller


Good News!

Stating the obvious, I know - this is the sort of exposure that will grow the membership and raise interest in SunZu :-) 

It's behind a paywall on the Sunday Business Post site, which I guess is why you posted it fully here Sam, for which thanks - this is the link to the headline only