Pushed to the Limits: Why death is important

Pushed to the Limits: Why death is important

In the creative world, when you have a project that requires thinking radically different to the norm, then the use of deadlines is absolutely paramount. Why is this? Well, if you give a team the right resources, time, personel and money to come up with a solution, they will tend to veer towards 'what has already worked', so they can then go onto doing other things or relaxing in the pub. It's human nature... it's the way it works.

On the other hand, if you take away members of the team, give them less money than is required and squeeze the deadlines, something magical happens. They start to come up with new innovations and ideas previously unheard and unthought of before. This 'pushing' is the same effect that happened to the Apollo 13 crew, when they had to reengineer the spacecraft for their own survival. In fact, if you look at the history of innovation, it is littered with similar stories such as utilising dud products for other uses, simply to ensure financial survival.

Which leads me nicely to the point of this post. There has been much discussion about the death of Lady Thatcher, and in that discussion a great deal of talk about the nature of death and belief in God. Can you imagine how goddarn lazy we would all be if there was no death? We would all be sitting around doing nothing all the time. No deadline, no urgency. So there you have it, death explained... all by thinking left-field!

Massimo Luciani


Who are you calling lazy?

For me it would be the opposite without death because I could decide to spend several years pursuing a certain hobby / activity without the fear of wasting my time within a limited life.

There's a universe out there so I could decide to spend a century to prepare a starship good enough to travel in space and explore marvels we couldn't even imagine.

With the progress in biotechnology and nanotechnology in a few decades dying might be just your choice. If you're so bored there's always time to die but personally I'd have too much to do for a very long time. :-)