Point of Business - Part 1

Point of Business - Part 1

Point of Business Overview

There comes a moment in every sales cycle where a customer makes the decision to make the purchase. We call this Point of Business. It is at this moment that the customer's emotions are highest and they are convinced that this decision to buy is the correct one to make. 

To be successful in business, you need to learn to detect when these moments are happening and to capitalize on them. Better yet, you should learn how to create these moments and then be ready when they happen. 

Consider, if you will, auto sales. There is a reason why every car salesman worth his salt tries to get you to take a test drive. He knows that while behind the wheel - feeling the acceleration in the turns - is the most likely time that you will decide to buy this particular car.

Or not! 

Either way, a decision is made more often during the test drive than at any other point in the sales cycle. You rarely make decision on a vehicle while watching an advertisement on TV or while looking through their very expensive, glossy brochures. Oh sure, you might rationalize your decision when you work through the numbers but the real decision to buy happened when you were behind that wheel. 

Think about your business. Can you think of three points-of-business in your field? Are your customers lookig for a good price? Trust? A solid product? Maybe your sale has more to do with the way a company buys? Or the way your product helps them meet certain objectives? 

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We have  created a new SunZu alliance, Point of Business. Please click and join and read the first post very carefully. Then, follow the instructions and create a post about your business and we'll try to help you find your optimum points of business. 

The Future

In the next part of this series, we'll discuss driving towards points of business. We'll provide examples of how you can help your prospects approach a point of business thus increasing your chance of closing a sale.  After that we'll discuss interactivity at point of business or how to maximize your sales efforts by interacting with your customers when they are most attentive. 

As always, I welcome your comments.

Samantha Kelly


Great to have this kind of guidance

How wonderful! I could've done with this kind of guidance when I started a business. Will spread the word.




Christine Miller


Point of Business

Great initiative, Doug.