Never Answer An Unasked Question

Never Answer An Unasked Question

If an objection ends on a full stop NEVER answer it.

A sentence that ends on a full stop is called a statement. Without a question mark you have right or reason to "answer it"; in fact answering statement will cost you money and possibly your job, eventually.

If a prospect hits you with an objection in the form of a statement, force the question from your prospect by reversing (asking them a question) them.

"Marcus, your proposal is 300% more than everyone else."

That doesn'ty warrant me dropping my price, it warrnts me asking the question,"John, I'm not clear what you are telling me. What exactly do you mean?"

It may be he wants to to drop my price, it may be he's asking why I am so much more expensive or it may be that this is just a smokescreen and he wants what you offer but  he's so used to playing the game, he had to throw you an objection in case you bit on it and ran with it. WE JUST DON'T KNOW YET because he hasn't told us his intent or motive behind the question.

Practise this at home. Pracitse this in the office, in bus queues, at restaurants, but learn to recognise when you are answerring a real question or falling into the trap of answering an unasked question. Get into the habit of reversing. I prefer using simple reverses like, "Which means?" "And you're telling me that because ...?" or "I don't understand what you are telling me; can you help me?"

Let your prospect do all the hard work. Sit back, relax and let them close themselves, handle their own objections and tell you how to sell to them ... or you can work hard and dumb like you probably always have.

You decide. If you're stuck please call me to get one of your questions answered about how to get past the road block you've hit or keep dong what you've always done and get what you've always got!

Paul Lange


This should be the 8th deadly sin :-)

One of the many things I love about your stuff mate is the great practical nature of what you share. People need to realise, as I know, that the depth of the knowledge you can impart to those who engage with you is immense and these articles and videos you make are both immensely valuable in their own right and are only the tip of a very large iceberg.

Thanks for the reminder on this. I will be sure to keep practicing.



George Emsden


Stating the not quite obvious

Great article Marcus. Thank you and will start practising


Samantha Kelly


Love this

Thanks Marcus....lots of practicing to do. Sam