First Sunzu Scotland "Meet & Greet"

First Sunzu Scotland "Meet & Greet"

"Meeting YOU Halfway"

My very first network meeting & Sunzu Scotland first meet & greet took place in Tony Macaroni's in Livingston Scotland, after weeks of preparing & inviting lots of Businesses, changing venues, discussing people commitments, I decided to stay close to home & start building Sunzu awareness locally initially.

I was very happy with the people who attended as they are very experienced in networking & Business practises, they also shown interest & agree with my fresh ideas of how we can help each other gain more exposure.

The following is those who attended & what they do:

  • Alison Smith - The Cocktail Queen
  • Micky Cooper - Mick Mick Designs & Gems2go
  • Martha Christie - Martha's SOS

We had discussions on sharing workloads or helping share offers/competitions to increase exposure, Alison gave idea to Micky to introduce her Gems into old peoples homes & Nurseries, encouraging creativity & handwork for the older generation.

We decided that as our meetings had to become our own night outwith other networking events, that the middle of the month seems quietest in our area, hence the heading "Meeting YOU Halfway", I also discussed involving Micky & Alison in my support of Hillsborough Charity fund day/night on 20th April, they too can benefit by exposing their Business in another part of the country.

A Facebook page will be created for Sunzu Scotland, members who have joined our network or, this can be used to promote each other, updates, ideas, meeting times etc.

Looking forward to our next meeting which I'm hoping by then the above mentioned will be on Sunzu too!!

Next time additional people will be added to article......Thank you, John

Matt Collings


Top work Big Man!

As I mentioned previously give me as much notice as possible and I'll try and attend the next meet up.

Gives me a good excuse to check on the Scotland gaff and have a cheeky Tennents...

Good luck with it John.




Christine Miller


Congratulations John

Glad you had such a fruitful time, may your group grow and flourish 



Helen Winder


Well Done

Well done ... Great to see people connecting and having fun.

Keep us posted on the next one :)


Lyndon Wood


SunZu gaining traction

Great stuff more SunZu Gatherings and good to see members kicking them off. Well done John


Tim O'Donnell


Well done that man.

slowly but surely.