Business Communication - selling is easy

Business Communication - selling is easy

Selling is easy

Many small business owners are petrified of selling - they believe it's all about struggling to convince someone against their will to buy.  Nothing could be further from the truth. All you need is a good product, a good delivery and the  confidence to ask for the business.

Having a good product that people want to buy is the tricky bit. And knowing which group of people will want to buy it also needs a bit of research. By contrast the obsession with the sale process itself is a waste of time. Once you know you have someone interested the close can be really easy. "Would you like some rocket with that?" "Would you like us to play here again?"

Of course gigs and spinach are easy things to sell since people know what they're buying and how to use it. Selling a market research project or some social media training is more difficult.because there are more variables.

That's why you really need to qualify for people who are interested in what you have to sell and refine the offer so that it meets their needs. That's where the time needs to be spent. Running a telesales campaign on an ill thought out proposition is worse than useless.

So my Sunday message to you is don't worry about your ability to sell - just get the offer right. If you do that properly its amazing how often the sale will close itself.

Richard Parsons


Winning a customer...

Great artilcle Alan... when selling a consumable product, a generous offer with a first order will likely encourage a new customer to re-order...


Lucia Asnaghi


A very thoughtful and well writter article with ideas that I intend to explore.



Matt Collings


Well said.

Keeping it simple really is the best option. There is so much bull surrounding this (and numerous other business sectors) that folk can forget just how simple business and selling in particular can be.

Best wishes and regards,