Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly

Owner, Tweetinggoddess


Twitter Queen and Social Media whizz!

Mum of two girls. Entrepreneur who set up a business called Funky Goddess. I closed the business after learning a lot about running one. 

Featured on Dragon's Den (Ireland), #sbs Theo paphitis winner, #wow Jacqueline Gold winner
Also the creator of #irishbizparty on twitter. I love assisting others to get started in business and to connect with others.

Formally the SunZu representative in the UK and Ireland.

Favorite quotes:

'Your Network is your Net Worth' - Bill Liao

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

'Why spend your whole life trying to fit in when you were born to stand out?' Lyndon Wood



Twitter: @Tweetinggoddess
Skype: samantha.kelly83
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Allison Williams

"One needs to be always enthusiastic and have a great sense of humour if one wants to succeed in life."

Gina Minton

"My friend who is a social media marketer says it is very important to build a community and create engaging content."

John Toal

"One word to describe Sam "Inspirational",not met personally yet!! but since connecting 2 years ago, I count her as a very good Business friend, always enthusiastic, sharing information, Laughing(very important) & willingness to help/support is 2nd to none. Above all else I have utmost Respect for Sam & very good choice for role by Lyndon W."

Helen Winder

"Sam and I have only met 'Virtually' but the connection we have made is one I will keep for a very long time. Sam is one determined lady :)"

Faye Dooley

"I only know Sam a little while but already she has done so much for me with networking, meeting new people and getting not only my business name but my own name out there!"

Matt Collings

""She's a pocket rocket. Never stops. Ever. And I do mean ever! So full of enthusiasm for social media and a genuine desire to help & assist folk. Perfect for her SunZu role which is why I guess LW grabbed her when he did"."

Chris Windley

"Sam is just the person to be women's ambassador for Sunzu - she is great to be connected to anywhere !!!"


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