Lyndon Wood

Lyndon Wood

CEO, SunZu The Art of Business




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  • Chairman

    Moorhouse Group Ltd Cardiff


    Commercial Insurance

  • Founding Owner

    L & S Investments Cardiff


    Investment Company mainly into property

  • Chairman UK


    Online commercial insurance comparison site

  • Creator & CEO

    SunZu The Art of Business Global


    A Business Social Network Assisting Owners in Doing Business First


Allison Williams

"The patience of a saint while leading a company... so important."

Joseph Kerr

"Lyndon is a driven and focused creator of opportunity, whether they are business or personal, his, yours or for the collective he will seek ro create opportunity in all he does."

Gina Minton

"A friend of mine as been doing marketing for more than 20 years now and he says that patience and diligence is very important for every marketers to create winning strategies and campaigns."

Lawrence Perry

"Lyndon has a great deal of patience and a marketing strategy that will set him shoulders above the rest of the pack. The patience and fortitude that he has applied to taking over a failing network is there for all to see."


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